2012 in Review

Wow!  2012 was one for the record books for the Smallwood family.  In terms of milestones, this year was chock full of 'em. Shayla graduated with her certified nursing assistant license in March and started her nursing career. Attended her first college classes. Got married. Moved into their first place {and out of ours} and turned 21.  Amazing to have all that happen in one year! Jason finished boot camp and AIT training and graduated as a military police officer for the Army National Guard. He experienced his first emergency deployment.  Got a job, learning the trade that has sustained our family, right alongside his daddy.  Bought his first car, with his own money and fell in love with a special girl.   Jared turned 16, got his drivers license and totaled our … [Read more...]


Recap of  the first line of the first post of each month in 2010: January: I first heard about The Bible in 90 days challenge on Twitter (and if you don’t tweet, this is just another reason to hop on the bandwagon with the rest of us ) ***The Bible in 90 Days challenge (there is another one starting January 3rd, 2011, find the info here) was a life changer for me. February: Geometry- check English 9 honors- check Spanish II- check Mama ready to burst into tears at scheduling her son's classes for HIGH SCHOOL next year- check ***I still remember how I felt at the prospect of Jared in high school.  Now he has finished his first half of the year and I could still burst into tears thinking of how quickly my boys are growing up! March: Every other Sunday I see....his deep dark … [Read more...]

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