Moments Like This

Sunday, my daughter will become a wife.   I will return with regular posting {actually a 31 day series} October 1st. Appreciate your love and prayers in the meantime! … [Read more...]

Marriage as a testimony

{an edited post from the archives as I spend Christmas break with my family} "I am going to take the boys and pick up Sweet Pea.  See you when you get home.  Drive careful". His lips brushed my forehead and he headed out of the lodge with our three sons in tow.  All four of them had rosy cheeks from the windy night of snow tubing we had just enjoyed. I had a van full of teen moms to chauffeur home so I waved at my hubby and smiled at my boys as they piled into our car. "How long have you been married?" she asked. "You make it look so easy." The first part of the comment was not hard to answer.  I've been married since I was eighteen. But, easy? Hardly. I prayed a silent prayer before I answered her question and addressed the questioning in her eyes. "Well, we have been  married … [Read more...]

Growing in your marriage

  She needed to be a brunette.  The bride-on-the-wedding-cake-topper-thingy, that is. Fourteen years ago, finding a brunette {because I am not blonde} cake-topper bride was a huge priority in my life.  On the eve of making the biggest commitment of my life. Thankfully, my grandparents rose to the challenge and scoured stores in the four-state area to find me a brunette bride and a dark haired groom cake-topper and all was right with my wedding. I look back now and chuckle to myself.  I thought it was all about the wedding.  The perfect day I had dreamed about since I was a little girl.  Finding my Prince Charming.  The white dress, the heart shaped tiers of the cake, the was all important to me.  Now, I have come to realize that the important things in … [Read more...]

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