On “Home School” and Stay at Home Orders

Y'all gon' make me lose my mindUp in here, up in hereY'all gon' make me go all outUp in here, up in hereY'all gon' make me act a FOOLUp in here, up in hereY'all gon' make me lose my coolUp in here, up in hereSong by DMX Now that I've got my "homeschooling" mantra stuck in your heads, let's delve into the topic at hand for this installment of #WhatWorksWednesday. Because for most of us across the country, this pandemic required task of not only keeping our children alive, fed, bathed and entertained 24/7 now also includes educating them as well. For any mama, that is a tall order. But, for us mama's whose children have learning difficulties, come from a background of trauma and/or face both of these factors, this whole stay-at-home thing just got even more overwhelming. I feel like I … [Read more...]

Tips for Smoother Mornings

When mornings get off to a rough start, the chaos and anxiety that ensue can set the tone for our entire day. On #whatworkswednesday a few weeks ago (check out facebook.com/melissasmallwoodwriter to watch the videos), I shared my top six tips for developing a morning routine that can help you ensure better mornings. Here are those tips: Simplify your routine. If there are things that can be done to prepare for the busy day ahead of time, do them ahead of time! Plan quick, on the go breakfasts, check backpacks for papers that need signed, lay out clothes, etc. the night before. Only leave for the morning what can only be done in the morning! The less expectations of our kiddos in the morning, the smoother the morning will be.Have a schedule. In order to help manage the chaos that morning … [Read more...]

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