The Little Things

I am easily irritated. I am quite sure I was born that way.  Little things get under my skin. The noise of a video game.  The beep, beep of a timer going off.  The ringing dinging of the car door open. Apparently, little noises irritate me. Then, there are the things that slow me down.  The red light, the dreadfully long wait in the doctor's office...the little things. It can probably be blamed on my high strung {recovering} Type A personality.  But, patience is a virtue that I long to possess. My hubby often asks "Why do you let little things get to you?" Reading this book has helped alter my outlook, changed my lens for viewing the little things. And, reading the Book this morning I was reminded of exactly why the little things get to me. Be self-controlled and alert.  Your enemy … [Read more...]

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