From clutter to clarity

I wrote about clutter and how to identify (and avoid) it. Oft lately, my mind and heart ponder a different type of clutter. The clutter of busyness.  The clutter of doing.  The clutter that accumulates when you are not weeding out the good to make room for God's best. Isn't it funny how we can be the worst at taking the advice we so freely give? When life is hectic and the soul is parched, Living Water is the only thirst quencher. Today I am thankful for the clarity and comfort that comes from spending time in the Word and with the Author. and the counting of gifts continues... {excerpts from my Joy Dare/gratitude journal} ~ an impromptu dinner with just my youngest ~  transitioning Sweet Pea to the sippy cup ~  dark denim boot cut jeans {that fit} ~  first words in a new … [Read more...]

Of Love and Snowstorms

Our pastor reminded us Sunday that love is a verb, an action, a choice.  After being trapped snowed in with my family all week I can certainly attest to this fact. You know you love your testosterone driven hubby and boys when: the cries of "doorknob" and subsequent running through (your much smaller than before, mind you) house doesn't irritate you any more. you can tune out the noise of video games playing throughout the house 22 out of the 24 hours in a given day because the blowing snow and blizzard conditions have kept them indoors ALL DAY you go to make dinner and realize that the ingredients for the dish (that is on the menu that takes time for you to plan) have been eaten as an experiment for "what tastes good on Ritz crackers" so you just make omelets and move on you … [Read more...]

From bliss to blizzard

I went from this: photo courtesy of Secret Agent Mama to this: the view from my front door (last night before more snow came!) Crazy with a capital C!  This storm, blizzard, whatever you want to call it is ridiculous!  The federal government has been closed for three days in a row! We are happily snowed in (meaning the house is cleaner then ever, I am unpacked, we have watched every movie we own) and the kids have made snow tunnels, caves and a whole snow family. Just a quick note to Mother can stop now.  Thanks! What are you doing to maintain your sanity in this snowstorm? This post is linked here and here. … [Read more...]

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