TTT- Sibling Rivalry

  Sibling rivalry did not used to be a big issue in our house...I probably should have expected it to be since two of my three boys are 15 months apart.  But, since hitting the double digits and moving into the teen/tween years, there seems to be a constant sense of competition between my kids, particularly the two younger ones. Things quickly escalate around here and twice this week I have had to physically pry them apart. My hubby tries to make me feel better by reassuring me that he and his brothers "beat the snot" out of each other and have managed to have a healthy relationship with each other in adulthood. That does not make my mama heart feel any better. I am frustrated with the way the boys talk to and about each other.  The one thing that brings me some comfort is that … [Read more...]

Sibling Rivalry

We all know that kids fight, particularly brothers and sisters.  Although, I don't remember fighting with my siblings {when we were fortunate enough to live together} near as much as my boys argue {and nit pick and antagonize, etc}.  Is it just me or has sibling rivalry gotten worse over the years? As always, please link up your posts about parenting teens/tweens below: … [Read more...]

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