Love is…

Love is... watching your husband love on a baby, having opened his heart and life to the unexpected and embracing it for all it is worth. Love is... a teenager playing with a little cousin, making them laugh and admitting they had a good time, too. Love is... opening your heart and trusting God to give you enough love to go around to all those He gives you to love. Love is... accepting your body as the Temple in which He dwells and loving it accordingly.  Not in spite of the imperfections but because you are just who He created you to be, imperfections and all. Love is.... cheering your son on in a sport that you do not understand and makes you cringe to watch. Love is... celebrating the moments, big and small, together.  Giving glory to the One that makes all things new! Love … [Read more...]

Marriage as a testimony

{an edited post from the archives as I spend Christmas break with my family} "I am going to take the boys and pick up Sweet Pea.  See you when you get home.  Drive careful". His lips brushed my forehead and he headed out of the lodge with our three sons in tow.  All four of them had rosy cheeks from the windy night of snow tubing we had just enjoyed. I had a van full of teen moms to chauffeur home so I waved at my hubby and smiled at my boys as they piled into our car. "How long have you been married?" she asked. "You make it look so easy." The first part of the comment was not hard to answer.  I've been married since I was eighteen. But, easy? Hardly. I prayed a silent prayer before I answered her question and addressed the questioning in her eyes. "Well, we have been  married … [Read more...]

Relationship Restoration

I just got off the phone with my dad. We talked about my brothers, his work, my family and church stuff.  We just chatted about anything and everything. So?  You talked to your dad on the phone.  Whoopie, right? Well, it is a big deal.  A miracle of God's restorative power kind of big deal. Until February of last year, my dad and I had not spoken in thirteen years. And every time we speak since I am amazed at what God can do when we choose to forgive and allow relationships to be restored. (Do I think that every relationship needs to be restored for true forgiveness to take place? No and my friend Brooke does a beautiful job of talking about that in greater detail here) Back in the fall of 2008, while I was recovering from the medical emergency that nearly took my life, I was … [Read more...]

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