Foster Parent Prayers May 30

Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow. Isaiah 1:17 … [Read more...]

Important prayer request + miscellaneous multitasking

I have let go of many online commitments and obligations in the last several months as I returned to the work-outside-the-home-in-corporate-America world.  I was sad to release many of them and prayed through each decision.  One commitment that God did not release me from {and I'm really glad He didn't} is writing for The MOB Society. Raising three boys to teenagedom has to make me an expert at something, right?  {cough, cough} In all seriousness, I am beyond proud of the amazing site that Erin and Brooke have built to support and encourage moms of boys.  And, today I am joining with them in asking you to pray for a cause dear to The MOB's heart.  The people of the DRC. Brooke has posted a heart wrenching update on the MOB site today and I ask each of you that read this to stop, read it … [Read more...]

Giving Up On God {part one}

I remember the day I gave up on God. I held the phone to my ear while angry, hot tears streamed silently down my face.  As I listened and realized that I had been lied to for months by those closest to me, I made a rash and defiant decision.  If no one was looking out for me, I was going to have to look out for myself. I gently depressed the button on the phone so that my grandmother would not know I had listened in and started to pray. Prayer was an automatic response to crisis for me.  Prayer had been my constant companion in my brief 13 years on the earth. This time the prayers felt empty.  It was as if my heart's cries were not being heard and I determined God must not be any more trustworthy than the rest of the adults in my life.  Right then, in that moment, hurt and confused I … [Read more...]

Plugged In: Session 6- Pray Without Ceasing

This week we are focusing on the verse in Ephesians that instructs us to pray without ceasing.  Is that really possible? I don't know about you but I find myself praying much more often than I used to. In the car, when I see an ambulance drive by, when I drive by a cherry blossom tree in full bloom..there are so many things to talk to God about throughout the day. Let's live our lives as a prayer. See you next week for our final installment of Plugged In. Thank you all so much for the privilege of sharing this material with you.   … [Read more...]

Plugged In: Session 4 {Pray and Start a Prayer Journal}

Hi friends! Here we are at week four of Plugged In: Accessing God's Power Through Prayer. Thank you for sticking with me for this journey and I pray you are being blessed by what God has laid on my heart through this study. In this session, I recommend using or starting a prayer journal. I have created a .pdf with more information and tips for prayer journaling. If you are interested in having a copy of that, email me at and I will email it to you as an attachment. See you next week for session 5 :) … [Read more...]

Plugged In: Session 3

In today's session {session 3 of Plugged In: Accessing God's Power through Prayer}, we are finishing up with the barriers to an effective prayer life. If there is one book of the Bible I could point you towards as a practical "how-to" for the Christian walk, it would be the book of James.  You will see that I reference it quite a few times just in this brief session. As always, if you are interested in diving deeper with today's topics, just email me at and I will send you a .pdf for additional study. Thank you for taking this journey with me. We are half way done :)   … [Read more...]

Plugged In: Accessing God’s Power through Prayer {session 2}

I am so encouraged by the emails and messages I have received from our first week of this study.  I have been praying for each participant this week, that God will bless your desire to grow closer to Him through prayer. Today begins the Lenten season.  Although the church I attend doesn't celebrate Lent, I do in my personal walk with Christ and have for the last several years. It is a sacred time of growing closer to Him and asking Him what He thinks has become an idol in my life that I then deny myself of for the traditional 40 days.  One year it was pride, another negative attitudes.  I will share in a later post what I am surrendering to Him this season. Here is the video for session two:   We identified two barriers to an effective prayer life during our study today.  If you … [Read more...]

Exciting things are happening!

Can I just tell y'all that God is amazing? Sometimes I am tempted to throw in the proverbial towel with this whole writing/teaching thing, especially when I start listening to the lies of the devil.  And then God will show up in a sweet and powerful way {or two or three} and remind me that I am doing what He has asked and that my only calling is to obedience. This week, He affirmed that in my Bible reading.  For those of you that don't know, I chose to do the chronological Bible reading plan this year in my personal quiet time.  I was reading in Exodus when God is calling Moses to go deliver His people from Egypt.  Just read this little exchange between Moses and the Lord: But Moses pleaded with the Lord, "O Lord, I'm not very good with words.  I never have been, and I'm not now, even … [Read more...]

The Radical Experiment- part one

Six months into our one year experiment.  A glimpse into our progress, a map of where we want to go. Step One:  Pray for the world. Pre-Radical:  We prayed as a family.  We have a prayer basket where we keep cards and letters we receive, particularly at the holidays, and pray for the person/family represented by one card each night at dinner.  We would pray for the world when we became aware of a specific tragedy, like the earthquake in Haiti. Currently: We have become prayer warriors for little Blake, waiting adoption in the Ukraine. {it is not too late to donate to his adoption fund through the chip-in in my sidebar, pretty please!!!}  We also pray for the other orphans around the world waiting for their forever families.  We pray for the parts of the world that do not know Jesus, the … [Read more...]

Listening to the still, small voice

I have been having some (not so fun) issues with my left leg in the last few weeks.  My doctor(s) attributed it to my MS and put me on a steroid dose pack.  While that reduced the swelling on the MRI, it did not resolve the problem.  What is the problem? Muscle atrophy. Atrophy (according to Wikipedia) is the partial or complete wasting away of a part of the body (in this case my left leg). God has a whole post about atrophy in His body (the church) swirling around in my brain.  But, that will come at another time. This post is about how God speaks to us.  He didn't just speak to people in Bible times and then stop.  His Holy Spirit lives in us and guides us- if we listen. Yesterday, returning from the doctor I was not in a happy place.  Trying to digest the fact that my muscle is … [Read more...]

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