Important prayer request + miscellaneous multitasking

I have let go of many online commitments and obligations in the last several months as I returned to the work-outside-the-home-in-corporate-America world.  I was sad to release many of them and prayed through each decision.  One commitment that God did not release me from {and I'm really glad He didn't} is writing for The MOB Society. Raising three boys to teenagedom has to make me an expert at something, right?  {cough, cough} In all seriousness, I am beyond proud of the amazing site that Erin and Brooke have built to support and encourage moms of boys.  And, today I am joining with them in asking you to pray for a cause dear to The MOB's heart.  The people of the DRC. Brooke has posted a heart wrenching update on the MOB site today and I ask each of you that read this to stop, read it … [Read more...]

Motherhood led me back to Jesus

Mother's Day is the best day to wrap up my series on giving up on God.  Click to read part one and part two. The bitterness and apathy that had taken up residence in my heart materialized in ugly ways.  Drugs, promiscuity, callous behavior towards those that loved me the most...the saying "hurt people hurt people" couldn't be more true. And, then at sixteen, two lines appeared on the pregnancy test.                        photo credit I was alone in a cramped bathroom stall scared beyond anything I had experienced before. There was life growing inside of me. At first I pretended not to care.  I would fix the problem.  Have an abortion, pretend that this had never happened. When I look at my Jared and think that I thought of him as a problem or a mistake, my heart beats … [Read more...]

Peeking In

I tend to be quiet here when I am going through something{s}. Really, I have a lot to say but need to say it in real life before I can go blabbing about it on my blog. Plus, I am sick.  After a night in the ER with two bags of fluids, a really strong pain killer and a nurse that seemed to enjoy digging around to start an IV, I am feeling {slightly} better.  The doctor told me today, at a follow-up appointment, that my sample {I will leave what they sampled to your imagination} is growing a pathogen and that Monday he will have results to let me know what antibiotic I need to start.  Basically, I have bad bacteria in my gut? Who knew. So, in an attempt to keep you updated on my oh-so-glamorous life {ha!} here are some pics from my phone this week: Sitting at the DMV on a Saturday was … [Read more...]

33 Things I’ve Learned about Life

Today is my birthday {it is Elvis' birthday too, in case you care}. I have had a wonderful day full of love, laughs and family.   Feeling retrospective I decided to chronicle thirty three things I have learned about life {not in any particular order} Polka dots and hot pink make me smile. There are few sounds that bring as much joy as a baby belly laughing. Marriage is hard work, but oh so worth it. There is a huge difference between a job, a career and a calling. When people say "enjoy these moments because they grow up so fast" they are not exaggerating one bit.  Kids literally grow up in the blink of an eye. Having a near death experience will remove most fear from your life and replace it with a sense of urgency to live EVERY minute fully. Chocolate makes everything most … [Read more...]

Candid Conversations

Last month we talked about protecting our boy’s eyes and ways we can be proactive as moms of boys in this way.  In the comments many of you asked for concrete examples of what conversations like this would look like so I decided to share a few examples from my own parenting experience as well as some tips I hope you find useful.  Click here to read the rest over at The M.O.B Society. … [Read more...]

Time is fleeting…

I am feeling rushed. Urgency knocks on the door of my heart. Have you done enough?  Have you taught them enough?  Have you equipped them for this journey? A faint knock on the door of my heart beckons me away from urgency and toward comfort. I answer that familiar knock.  Then I remember that all He expects from me is my obedience.  Ultimately, these three special people are only on loan to me anyway.  They belong to Him who ordained their days in His book before they were ever born (Psalm 139). So, as one heads off to their senior year, one begins high school and one finishes up middle school, I lean back into my Father's arms. Parenting from His right hand is peaceful.  And, when you are parenting teens, peace is a true gift! Are you experiencing peace on this journey of … [Read more...]

Overcoming the sense of entitlement

If you ask my children what they want for their birthday it will most likely be some type of electronic device.  Jared got a new cell phone last week for his 14th and Matt is already talking about what he wants for his birthday in September. We are a fairly conservative family financially.  We don't have debt, other than our mortgage and student loans, and have really tried to communicate our financial values to our boys.  Sometimes, I feel like we have failed miserably. It was difficult for me to explain to my kids why we aren't replacing our desktop yet, why we haven't bought a Wii console, why they can buy clothes that are on sale- period.  I have always deep down felt mama guilt at not being able to provide them with the lifestyle they desire. My mama guilt has changed it's focus … [Read more...]

The Fun House

We (my hubby and I) long ago decided we wanted to be the "go-to" house for our kid's friends as they grow up.  That way we have our finger on the pulse (so to speak) of what is going on with our kids and the friends that they choose to hang out with.  That was a nice thought, especially when we lived out in the country and none of our neighbors had kids.  When we moved in December, we moved into a neighborhood.  You know, the kind with other people living there?  My kids had an instant influx of friends because many of the children they attend school with also live in this development. Our doorbell rings incessantly. The thump, thump of a dribbling basketball can't be escaped. Whoops and hollering over fooz ball games is a frequent sound. I have to step over a maze of legs and arms to … [Read more...]

Think on these things

As our children get older, it is important to place decision making in their hands more and more.  Where better for them to make mistakes or missteps then under the umbrella of our authority and guidance? While it is easier said than done for this mama to relinquish control (hello?  I am a recovering Type A) it is imperative for their growth so I am committed to doing so.  An opportunity to do so presented itself this week and it developed into a great learning opportunity for both of my boys. Picture two teen/tween boys standing at the Blockbuster Express kiosk, being allowed to rent any movie they want on their day off school.  They chose a movie that was, to me, going to have questionable content.  They even gave me those sideways glances to make sure I was aware that they were … [Read more...]

Training up a Child(ren) when you don’t agree

I love my husband.  He loves me. That being said, we often have differing opinions about raising up our boys. Not that one way is better than the other, just that we come at this parenting thing with different experiences, different ideals and different wounds. Yes, I said wounds.  I have found in my almost fourteen years of parenting that the issue that clouds my parental judgment most often is the foggy lense of my personal wounds from childhood. For instance: when my boys were little I wanted them to be involved in ANYTHING they wanted to be.  That quickly led to a pooped out mama, tired and overscheduled kids and a dad with that look of "I told you so" in his dark brown eyes. When I stepped back and looked at the situation, I was trying to give my kids something I missed out on.  … [Read more...]

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