To Save a Teen’s Life

This weekend our family went to our church's annual fall family retreat.  You can read about one of my take away experiences here. The first night youth and their parents were invited to watch a movie in the chapel.  The movie was called To Save a Life.  To watch the trailer of the movie, click here. The first thing the leader had us do {parents and kids alike} was relinquish our cell phones in exchange for snacks during the movie.  I thought this was a creative way to make sure kids weren't texting throughout the movie and increased the chances of them actually *gasp* paying attention.  I had no intention of turning in my cell phone {hypocrite, much?} but since my kids were with me and ratted me out encouraged me to give it up, I complied. The movie was truly good.  It tackled issues … [Read more...]

Time is fleeting…

I am feeling rushed. Urgency knocks on the door of my heart. Have you done enough?  Have you taught them enough?  Have you equipped them for this journey? A faint knock on the door of my heart beckons me away from urgency and toward comfort. I answer that familiar knock.  Then I remember that all He expects from me is my obedience.  Ultimately, these three special people are only on loan to me anyway.  They belong to Him who ordained their days in His book before they were ever born (Psalm 139). So, as one heads off to their senior year, one begins high school and one finishes up middle school, I lean back into my Father's arms. Parenting from His right hand is peaceful.  And, when you are parenting teens, peace is a true gift! Are you experiencing peace on this journey of … [Read more...]

Joining the M.O.B

I am married (to a guy). I have three brothers. My husband has two brothers. My brothers each have a son. I have three boys. I am swimming in a world of testosterone.  And, to be honest, I think God sits up in heaven and chuckles at me. You see, I am a girly girl.  I have always liked dresses, shoes, manicures and pink and purple are my favorite colors.  I loathe getting my hands dirty.  I don't understand the hilarity of flatulence.  I cannot relate to the desire to wrestle on the floor until somone yells "uncle". Yet, God has surrounded me by boys.  And, now they are adolescent boys.  Whole.different.ballgame. people! So, I have agreed to write about my expertise experiences in raising three rowdy boys for the new site- the M.O.B Society.  There are over 20 contributing writers … [Read more...]

Tweens and Discipline

When my boys were little, especially in the days when no one could yet tie their own shoes, wipe their own bottoms, etc.  I would cringe when one of them (they were about 6, 3 and 2) would say " I can do it by myself, mama".  Wanting to do something on their own meant it was going to take me three times as long to get out the door.  Not to mention after they frustrated themselves with their attempt to tie their shoes, I would have to go put them on the correct feet and tie them myself. Now, allowing them the "I can do this by myself" mentality is actually imperative for their development.  This is the time of their life when they need to go ahead and make some decisions and experience the natural consequences while mama and daddy are still here to walk them through it. Problem … [Read more...]

Helicopter Parenting or Parenting Parenting?

My kids often accuse suggest to me that I am overly strict and involved in their lives. While I would probably have to plead "no contest" to such a charge in court, I think, I hope and I pray that I am doing this whole mama thing right.  But am I? For example: an eleven year old girl in our neighborhood is aggressively pursuing my thirteen year old son (about to be fourteen in a month).  Her facebook photo is of her in a bikini (for crying out loud).  I have intervened by informing her that her facebook messages to him are inappropriate (because I monitor all his facebook messages).  I have intervened by bringing my son inside when she is riding her bike past our house obsessively while he is playing basketball (in our driveway).  That (so far) has been the extent of my "psychopathic … [Read more...]

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