When Parenting Teens and Young Adults is Hard

Wouldn't it be nice if our kids could look at the replay of our lives and consider our mistakes a lesson learned on their behalf, thus saving themselves from anguish and heartache? If you read here regularly, you know I write a monthly column for The M.O.B Society, a popular website just for mama's of boys.  As a writing team we try to watch the Facebook page and give advice and insight when we can to questions that moms post there.  Yesterday, a mom posed a question about her 14 year old questioning his relationship with God and not wanting to go to church.  I've been down that road once or twice with my kids and quickly typed out a response for this mama that went something like this: One of my boys was 14 when he went through this same type of issue. I was so scared and sad but our … [Read more...]

Loosening My Grip

Sometimes, when I am quiet in this space, it becomes increasingly intimidating to return. Is anyone reading here still?  And the haunting question always lurking in this writers mind-- do I have anything important to say? But God, sweet friends! He just doesn't give up on this pen to paper call He has placed in my heart.  So, I write again. Life has been challenging so far this year.  I am learning to parent palms up--letting go as my children learn to navigate this world on their own.  I never imagined watching my children stumble could hurt so much.  Gone are the days of brushing off skinned knees and bandaging boo-boos.  Two of my children are actually grown-ups now and two are quickly nearing the end of their childhood years. We had to carry out some tough love with one … [Read more...]

Parenting boys…not for the faint of heart

Parenting boys is not for the faint of heart. I have weathered many ER trips, wrestling matches gone wrong, bloody noses, scraped knees and broken bones. {I have three rough and tumble boys, excluding my husband}.  And, as I sat in the ER with my boy, I am ashamed to admit that my thoughts were wandering to angry places.  Angry at the risk, angry at the sure to rise insurance premiums, angry at myself for letting him drive alone when my mama heart wanted to keep him little forever... Yes, I was having selfish and angry thoughts the very same night my son wrecked the van and hurt himself. Read the rest of my mama confession over at the MOB Society.   … [Read more...]

You have been warned

I am guest posting at Scary Mommy today about the challenges of parenting teenagers {in a tongue-in-cheek way}.  Did y'all know I can be funny when I want to be? Sometimes I surprise myself!   The big announcement is that my site, In Be'tween Moms, for those parenting between double digits and the empty nest has launched today!  I am so excited to talk about the good, the bad and the necessary when it comes to parenting older kids.  This site is a place for encouragement, support and information.  I am blessed to have awesome Mentor Moms contributing their insights as well!  The site is a work in progress but please stop by there today and enter in a giveaway to win the book, Why Christian Kids Rebel by Dr. Tim Kimmel. Have a blessed day!     … [Read more...]

An Unbalanced Nest

I have been a parent for half my life. I will always be a mama. But, the sands are shifting under my feet. I have never liked that feeling. My youngest will be 14 next month.  We are going to his high school orientation tonight. I want to rewind time. I look at photo albums and family movies and cry. I'm not ready for this. Time marches on...dragging me, kicking and screaming behind. I know not what God has in store and I know that I still have a lot of parenting left to do. It just feels like a door is closing and it makes me want to cry. {The special challenges and joys of parenting teens will be the focus of my new site, Inbetweenmoms.com, launching September 1st.  Look forward to a humbling line-up of contributors ("mentor moms") and articles for those of us parenting … [Read more...]

When Kids Disappoint

My two oldest sons did something not so smart over the weekend. I was disappointed in their behavior.  I was angry at their deception and I was livid that they included a visiting friend in their shenanigans. Thankfully, I refrained from yelling and screaming like my flesh wanted to.  After making sure everyone was safe, I called the mom of the visiting friend and sent him home with Miss S. as the driver and I sent the other two off to bed. I laid in bed {I let the hubby sleep through this because he gets up at 3:30am to drive 1 1/2 hours to work} getting angrier and angrier. Then, I turned to my Father and said, Lord, what do you do with these kids and their mistakes? I had to get out my journal and write down the thoughts He gave me. You love them.  Never in our angriest moment … [Read more...]

TTT- peer pressure

Wide open spaces.  That is what I miss about our previous home.  We lived there for the majority of my boy's growing up years and the wide open spaces were perfect for active boys. Trees to climb, space to run, plenty of hiding places and very little peer influences.  Our neighborhood had few homes {our two acre lot was the smallest lot} and only two other children lived in the development.  For my boys to have interaction with friends, it involved prior arrangements with their parents, except for seeing each other at school, etc. Now, the doorbell rings. We live in an actual neighborhood.  I love it here but have determined the downside is the proximity to other kids, many of whom are being raised in a way quite different than my boys. Jared has had his bike stolen, Matthew has new … [Read more...]

TTT- Bedtime is a nightmare

Bedtime has become an issue in our home again.  When the boys were little, they used every stall tactic known to man to avoid going to bed on time. One more story, mom. I'm thirsty. I forgot to go potty. I need to tell daddy good night. I'm sure you have heard similar pleas in your household as well. I have always been a stickler for bedtime.  Kids need sleep and parents need alone time.  Therefore, children need to go to bed on time. Now that our boys are teenagers, bedtime has gotten a little trickier.  Of course, their bedtime is later than it was when they were in elementary school but they still have a bedtime.  {According to them, they are the only kids on the planet that have a bedtime at their age} So, what is my challenge? They don't go to bed when they are supposed … [Read more...]

To Save a Teen’s Life

This weekend our family went to our church's annual fall family retreat.  You can read about one of my take away experiences here. The first night youth and their parents were invited to watch a movie in the chapel.  The movie was called To Save a Life.  To watch the trailer of the movie, click here. The first thing the leader had us do {parents and kids alike} was relinquish our cell phones in exchange for snacks during the movie.  I thought this was a creative way to make sure kids weren't texting throughout the movie and increased the chances of them actually *gasp* paying attention.  I had no intention of turning in my cell phone {hypocrite, much?} but since my kids were with me and ratted me out encouraged me to give it up, I complied. The movie was truly good.  It tackled issues … [Read more...]

Time is fleeting…

I am feeling rushed. Urgency knocks on the door of my heart. Have you done enough?  Have you taught them enough?  Have you equipped them for this journey? A faint knock on the door of my heart beckons me away from urgency and toward comfort. I answer that familiar knock.  Then I remember that all He expects from me is my obedience.  Ultimately, these three special people are only on loan to me anyway.  They belong to Him who ordained their days in His book before they were ever born (Psalm 139). So, as one heads off to their senior year, one begins high school and one finishes up middle school, I lean back into my Father's arms. Parenting from His right hand is peaceful.  And, when you are parenting teens, peace is a true gift! Are you experiencing peace on this journey of … [Read more...]

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