On “Home School” and Stay at Home Orders

Y'all gon' make me lose my mindUp in here, up in hereY'all gon' make me go all outUp in here, up in hereY'all gon' make me act a FOOLUp in here, up in hereY'all gon' make me lose my coolUp in here, up in hereSong by DMX Now that I've got my "homeschooling" mantra stuck in your heads, let's delve into the topic at hand for this installment of #WhatWorksWednesday. Because for most of us across the country, this pandemic required task of not only keeping our children alive, fed, bathed and entertained 24/7 now also includes educating them as well. For any mama, that is a tall order. But, for us mama's whose children have learning difficulties, come from a background of trauma and/or face both of these factors, this whole stay-at-home thing just got even more overwhelming. I feel like I … [Read more...]

Episode 1 #sospodcast

So excited to share the inaugural episode of The SOS Podcast with Melissa Smallwood! Sharing Our Stories was my original podcast on Blog Talk Radio way back in 2009. Recently, I felt a stirring to relaunch it and share the stories that make up our lives. And, here we are. Enjoy this episode as I share a little of my heart and then interview the fabulous Kristy Sutton of This Hard Calling as she shares her story of foster care, adoption and starting a non-profit. You can connect with Kristy on Facebook and Instagram as well. Listen in and be sure to let me know what you think! And, if you would be so kind, please subscribe to the podcast and leave me a review! That helps get my podcast shared with other listeners! … [Read more...]

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