Doing Real Life Together

Last night, Shayla was in the ER {she has severe bronchitis and a urinary tract infection}.  It was late {or early, depending on how you look at it} and I was bored.  I took an Insta.gram picture with my iPhone and it posted to Facebook.  Within seconds, she was being prayed for.  By my friends that live in the computer and by my friends that live in my area. One awesome in-my-area friend {who must have insomnia} saw the post on Facebook and brought me coffee, bottled water, cookies and a hug at 1am.  Those five minutes got me through the F-I-V-E and a half hours we spent there.  Thank you, Kim! Shayla is resting comfortably in bed, getting some much needed sleep and letting the medications work their magic.  And, I am sitting here thankful for community.  Whether it is the friends I … [Read more...]

On ER visits and Facebook

I am the mama of three boys.  I have experienced my fair share of emergency room visits. Nothing prepared me for Saturday. Jared had been out riding his bike.  He doesn't have his cell phone because he is on restriction.  A strange number called my phone and my boy was on the other end.  Obviously crying, upset and in pain.  "Mommy, I chopped my finger off." He hasn't called me "mommy" since the double digit birthday in 2006.  This was serious. He said he was down by the apartments {there are two sets of apartments in our expansive neighborhood}. I was in the living room. I can't drive. I wasn't sure where everyone else in the house was. So, I did what any rational human being would do. I screamed like a woman possessed and headed out to the van {forgetting my knee brace} to wait for … [Read more...]

Introducing: Me

Well, hello there! I am Melissa, aka Multi Tasking Mama. That is me (with the glasses) and my friend, Jessie, meeting MckMama at Blissdom. (she is so sweet and genuine in person!! just like on her blog) I have been blogging since June '08.  Blogging has been such a blessing in my life.  It combines my passion for writing and sharing my testimony with the benefit of being part of an awesome community, which is what this Ultimate Blog Party is all about! I am the mama to three teen/tween boys and wife to an incredibly patient guy.  If you stick around this site you will hear a lot about the nightmare challenges that parenting adolescents can present.  In fact, I started to just devote one day a week to it and you can link up to Teen/Tween Thursday here. Matt (12), Mike and Jared … [Read more...]

Suffer the little children…

As most of you know I have a passion for parentless children.  Whether that be orphans in Haiti or foster children here in the United States, I believe in the promise of Psalm 68:6 where the Bible says: God sets the lonely in families... I love that verse.  If you want to be further inspired about this important topic, my friend Kim is guest posting on @RealLifeSarah's blog.  You can read her touching story here. Then read below to see how you can get more information about an organization that finds forever families for children that need them. Last year AdoptUsKids hosted two adoption chats on Twitter.  As a result, some Twitter users actually made the decision to move forward with the adoption process. If you missed our earlier events, please join us for a live Twitter party later … [Read more...]

To be honest…

I had a post prepared about a hilarious outing we had last night...a comical attempt to free our deep freezer from the home that is for sale after *someone* bought too much meat at a BOGO sale to fit in the itty bitty teen tiny freezer in the kitchen of our current home. But that post will have to wait. There is this temptation on a blog (at least for me) to glaze over the uglier parts of life.  The aspects of our lives that aren't going so well, our failures and struggles.  I usually try to be honest and authentic in this space but lately have found myself writing "fluff" in a desire to avoid writing about the deeper, sometimes uglier issues I need to write about. Now please don't think that writing funny stories about my kids and posting pictures of my dogs aren't important to me- on … [Read more...]

Sheer Bliss

Having your expectations exceeded is such an exciting thing.  And that is exactly what happened for me this weekend while attending a blogging conference called Blissdom. My husband, the concrete, analytical thinker that he is wanted to know what I learned in the sessions. I learned a lot in the sessions...I learned how to be introspective in the writing craft wisdom workshop, I was inspired during the opening keynote, I discovered I have veered {slightly but noticeably} from the voice I want my blog to have. Those things were important and I am glad I was able to explain all that to my husband so he could be comfortable with the ROI of the conference. But, I learned so much more that can't be measured and in some cases, by those that don't do what I do online everyday, can't be … [Read more...]

Yes Mom

Geometry- check English 9 honors- check Spanish II- check Mama ready to burst into tears at scheduling her son's classes for HIGH SCHOOL next year- check Every fiber of my being wants to shout NO to all this growing up stuff.  No to girls that are way too forward, no to Facebook, no to later bedtimes, no to...well, I just find myself wanting to say no to anything that resembles my boys growing up. I was challenged to say yes to my kids this week. Just one day into the challenge and I realize that, for me, saying yes doesn't have to do with one more bedtime story, making mud pies or candy at the check out line anymore. Saying yes to my boys at this stage means relinquishing the need to control everything, letting them make some mistakes in the name of independence, and MOST … [Read more...]

Mamavation Monday

I am so proud of the Mamavation moms and Leah Segedie from Bookieboo for coming up with the concept. I had fallen off the Mamavation wagon during the holidays although I was able to make some changes like eliminating soda from our house, switching to all whole grains and trying to increase my physical activity. Today, I want to focus on a friend's Mamavation journey, so please read this: Guest Post by Katie Hostetter at Frugal Femina If you follow me on Twitter, you know exactly what the word "mamavation" means, because I have been eating, sleeping, and breathing it since I applied on January 1st. I am fortunate to have some followers left! :-) Basically, it's a 7-week boot camp to help 2 moms get fit in 2010, and it's supported by Smooth Fitness, Earth Footwear, EA SPORTS Active, … [Read more...]

Technology and Marriage- a match made in?

I haven't participated in Wifey Wednesday, hosted by To Love, Honor and Vacuum in quite a while.  But when I read Sheila's topic for the day I knew God was sending me a message. I have many friends (in real life) who complain about the amount of time their hubby's sit in front of the TV, surf the 'net or engage in gaming (online or video games) I can't relate to their issue...but boy, can my husband! About a year and a half ago, I stumbled across a blog and the rest is history.  I am hooked.  I love blogging.  I love writing.  I love reading other's posts and connecting with other fabulous women through the internet. That is not a bad thing. It becomes a problem when I allow the computer to become an idol in my life.  When I allow Twitter or Facebook updates to become more important … [Read more...]

Somebody to love me….

Wondering if you are worth anything to anyone... Wondering if anyone cares about your future.... Wondering if this is what the rest of your life will look like... Wondering if there is a point to even trying to do your best because no one is there to notice.... I will never forget the year+ that I spent in the US foster care system.  It was a scary and lonely time, full of disappointment, full of experiences I would rather not remember.  I was moved to three different homes in that short period of time (the last family was a sweet Christian family that I will always remember with fondness) and I was separated from my brothers for the first time in my life. People forget that the majority of children in the foster care system are there because of something their parents did or did not … [Read more...]

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