Is Getting Organized Worth the Time and Effort?

Welcome to my 31 Days series which will focus on cutting through the clutter of life.  Before we implement any new habit or concept into our life, we need to understand the value/benefit of doing so. If I had to narrow down the benefits of becoming more organized into one word it would be.... FREEDOM! Freedom from stress.  Clutter is stressful.  Walking in from a long day at work to a house in chaos does not illicit a feeling of calm.  Can you imagine the way it would feel to walk into a peaceful, clutter-free environment? It is stressful to not know where something is.  Have you been late paying a bill because you misplaced it? Have you missed an appointment because you didn't write it down?  Those types of things are stressful and frequently a direct result of chronic … [Read more...]

More exciting things!!

I promise I will return tomorrow with a content rich post but today I needed to stop by and quickly share a few more exciting things with y'all. {Did you see the exciting things from yesterday?} First of all, I am excited to be contributing to a wonderful community called The Intentional Lifestyle.  The site is chock full of resources, ideas and support to live a healthy life, in all aspects of your life.  I am the Healthy Home "Expert" over there and my first vlog, talking about the four things that clutter steals from you, is live today.  I am humbled and thrilled to be in the company of such a talented team! Please go check it out! Secondly, I contributed to a brand new eBook called From Mom's Failure to God's Grace: Stories of Raising Boys from the MOB Society Writers.  All the … [Read more...]

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