5 Ways to Help Your Husband Feel Loved

    Source: chaseandem.blogspot.com via Emi on Pinterest Mike and I had the privilege of escaping for 10 kid free, work free, responsibility free days in September to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. We had a wonderful time together. A few days ago, my hubby remarked that we needed to plan a cruise every year because he felt really loved by me {and not just in a sexual way} on that trip. His words have stayed with me and God used those words to convict my heart that my husband should not have to plan a getaway with me to feel loved by me. I have to admit, I am not the best at showing love to him. We have come far in our almost 17 years together, but I still tend to give him my leftovers, instead of the best of me. I have been praying and journaling and came … [Read more...]

Living Sacrifices in Marriage

Today, Sheila did a wonderful job today exposing some of the misconceptions about men and women common in today's society.  I encourage you to take a moment and read her thoughts. Her writing prompted me to think about how gender roles have affected my mindset and my marriage. First things first- I am a girly girl.  Always have been.  I do not like to get my hands dirty, I am scared to death of bugs and snakes, I am certainly not a daredevil and nothing makes me smile quite like chocolate and a pedicure.  I like pink and purple, things that are monogrammed, candles, perfume and shoes...I really like shoes.  I've been told I have been this way since infancy. I also like football and riding on the back of my hubby's Harley. That is how God made me.  The world would like to see me … [Read more...]

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