Adoption is forever…

I have never wanted to write this post.  It is very personal and private.  Some of it is not my story to tell so pardon me if I am vague in some areas.  But, this event, this ugly thing that has happened that has affected the world's view of adoption needs to be corrected.  Today is the day that we (adoptive parents everywhere) are speaking the truth about our adoption experiences (the good, the bad and the ugly) in the hopes that people everywhere understand that while adoption may not be easy it is FOREVER. Here is my story: As most of you know my oldest son is adopted (by me, he is my husband's biological son).  I met Jason when he was about to turn three.  Having been through a lot in my own childhood I immediately recognized that Jason wasn't growing up in a good environment.  He … [Read more...]

He’s My Son

Chubby little fingers find their way into my hand. His (almost) three year old little self pulls me energetically towards the kittens down the hall... "Tome on mommy, let's go look at the kitties" (except he said his hard c's and k's like t's so you can imagine how comical that was).  The fact that he is calling me mommy just a few days after we met is not lost on me and I feel the weight of what that could mean with each step down the hall. He's my son. (Almost) three years later we sit in the back of the car together.  He again slides his hand into mine as we drive away from his old life and toward a new life in our home.  He is stoic, already jaded by his experiences and the disappointments life can present.  He doesn't cry. He doesn't ask why.  He just holds my hand and doesn't look … [Read more...]

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