God, use me

My friend and ministry partner, Jill, said something at a church we spoke at yesterday that reminded me of what happens when we say "yes" to God.  She was sharing her testimony of how she began working with YoungLives, the teen mom ministry she leads and I love.  And, she mentioned the power of the prayer she had prayed "God, use me". I chuckle when I think of praying that same prayer. If you had asked me two years ago if I would be working with teenagers {and loving it} I would have laughed out loud.  I used to pray the "God, use me" prayers but I would add to it. God, use me...as long as it's comfortable for me. God, use me...as long as it does NOT involve annoying teenagers. God, use me...as long as I don't have to give up too much and I could go on and on.... Then, as I … [Read more...]

On abortion and birth control…a faith based perspective

This article I read on the Washington Post's website is the catalyst for this post.  The author posed a question I would like to answer. I would like to answer this question as a volunteer for a faith based ministry that provides support to pregnant and parenting teenagers. I would like to answer this question as a lay person that educates youth about the consequences of premarital and unprotected sex.   I would like to answer this question as a woman who was once a scared pregnant teenager and chose life for her baby. I would like to answer this question as a politically moderate citizen and most of all, I would like to answer this question as a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. What is the question, you ask? "Why aren't faith leaders top advocates for birth control?" There is so much … [Read more...]

Glamorizing Teen Pregnancy? or Teaching Opportunity?

"Mom, do something!" These were the frantic words from my twelve year old, Matt, a few weeks ago when a young mom was going through the early phases of labor in our living room {I was her birthing coach}. I can think of no better way for a tween boy to understand the realities of teen pregnancy then seeing it, up close and personal.  The consequences of premarital sex were being prominently displayed on our couch and it made my boys uncomfortable. The Today Show this morning featured a couple from the MTV reality show, Teen Mom and asked them if they thought that the show encourages and glamorizes the issue of teen pregnancy?  I was pleased with their answers {even though their grammer still needs work, they are still kids}.  *Just as an aside, Catelynn and Tyler are my favorite couple … [Read more...]

Hello World

I haven't fallen off the face of the planet.. I have been busy loving on this sweet girl and her mama: Tough work, but somebody has to do it. One of the teen mama's I mentor had a disruption in her living situation right before she was set to deliver this bundle of joy.  That coupled with other challenges led to her coming to stay with us. Sweet Pea {not the baby's real name} and her mama Miss S. {not her real name} are now members of the Smallwood family for as long as they need to be. I am praying through my online commitments as this situation (and other local ministry work) requires a lot of my time.  This blog won't go anywhere but posting will be more sporadic {and will contain more baby pictures!}.  The enemy has been attacking me and my family full force {as he normally does … [Read more...]

My Kiddo’s first birthdays

Stop by Momdot and The Not so Blog, Blog for more fun and chances to win great prizes!I am still playing along for my birthday week and today we are invited to tell the story of our children's first birthdays. ~As I adopted Jason I wasn't there for his first birthday but his first birthday with us was his 6th birthday. It corresponded with the time that he arrived in our home and Easter so it was a big, family filled adventure. The cutest pic I have (which didn't scan well or I would've shared) of that party is the three boys in the red wagon Jason got as a gift from his parents. They were all small enough to fit in their together. I love that photo.~I was a young mama (got pregnant with Jared at 16, had him when I was 17) and it probably took the entire first year of his life for me … [Read more...]

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