Snow days equal crazy days

With all the snow of late things have gotten a little crazy around here quite a few times even my eyes revealed the stir craziness we were all feeling the hubby and I even resorted to making goofy faces for the kids "photo shoot" to keep them entertained We are fresh out of keep them entertained ideas and there is snow in the forecast tomorrow. This post is linked here and here. … [Read more...]

From bliss to blizzard

I went from this: photo courtesy of Secret Agent Mama to this: the view from my front door (last night before more snow came!) Crazy with a capital C!  This storm, blizzard, whatever you want to call it is ridiculous!  The federal government has been closed for three days in a row! We are happily snowed in (meaning the house is cleaner then ever, I am unpacked, we have watched every movie we own) and the kids have made snow tunnels, caves and a whole snow family. Just a quick note to Mother can stop now.  Thanks! What are you doing to maintain your sanity in this snowstorm? This post is linked here and here. … [Read more...]

My baby girl

First...a little housekeeping.  The Faith, Family and Finances webinar is canceled for today {due to the fact that I am snowed in with my boys, the dogs and the hubby so you wouldn't be able to hear me} I talked about my pets this week on Monday Mingle and many of you requested to "see" problem!  This proud {doggy} mama has plenty of pics! This is my sweet Chloe {Baby is in the background}.  Chloe is a mini schnauzer who turned 1 on January 31.  She is high maintenance, spoiled, opinionated...hmm, I believe she takes after her mama... Can't resist that sweet face!  And yes, Chloe has an extensive wardrobe {including a hot pink Snuggie} I love this pic of the hubby and Chloe {she is a daddy's girl}.  They fell asleep on the couch sweet. I will  introduce Baby … [Read more...]

WW- My “not so” little boy

Today I am wishing that I could go back to the days my thirteen year old looked like this and parenting seemed so easy to me... Right now we argue about everything it seems.  Wistfully, I look at this chubby little guy and remember all the dreams I had for him. Praying that this "phase" is something we both live through ;) Lord, you know the difficulties we are facing with my sweet boy.  I know that most of this is just a part of growing up but my heart hurts, my head is spinning and this mama needs you, God. Protect my child and help me be the mama you want me to be, not the one that is guided by her emotions and fears. ~Amen This post is linked to Wordless Wednesday and Wordful Wednesday. … [Read more...]

The road trip from…

well, you know where!   H-E-double hockey sticks, as we used to say when I was younger. The next time that I agree to drive to Florida from West Virginia, by way of Indiana (don't ask) will someone please tell me to read this post and remember the nightmare of our Florida trip to see family?  Thanks! We set off the day after Christmas to meet my nephew's family halfway (somewhere in Ohio) so that he could go to see his dad (my brother) in Florida for the holiday break. We would be me, two of my sons (the 13 and 12 year olds), my mother in law and my brother in law. I needed other drivers on the trip since 1.) I am not supposed to drive long distances (ha!) and 2.) my hubby couldn't get the time off to come with us. During our trip the following things happened: nephew's family did … [Read more...]

Tale of Two Houses

There once was a girl with a house: It's time to move, agreed her spouse. So, they packed up their things, tried not to cling and prepared  to create a new adventure. The ugly border must go Hard work and time will show That this house can be home It matters not where you roam Home is with the people you love. Memories stay in  your heart and plenty we have to impart to our kids and theirs, regardless of where our address says we live. So goodbye to the old and hello to the new A practical home we christen too A new phase in life Hopefully with less strife and plenty of memories yet to come. *We are busy moving between the two houses and so my posting will be sporadic for a little while.  Please bear with me* This post is linked with Wordless and Wordful Wednesday … [Read more...]

Where are you Christmas?

Last year, on Black Friday, Jared and Matt (OMGosh, look how much they've grown just since last year) were decorating our upstairs tree. This is what it looked like when they were finished (this is the tree they are allowed to decorate, hence the ornaments almost touching the floor- ack!) So, you ask, where is this year's tree? IT'S NOT UP!  You see we are moving in 12 days so the hubby mandated suggested that we just wait till we get to the new house to "drag out all the Christmas stuff" (that was a direct quote, blasphemous I tell you!) Where are you Christmas?  I need stockings, trees, ornaments, candles, Advent calendars and my nativity scene! 12 more days, 12 more days. For more Wordless/Wordful Wednesday posts visit here and here. … [Read more...]

A time to keep and a time…

We put an offer on a house last night.  I am happy and thankful that we have found one to meet my downsizing, handicap accessible needs so quickly.  I feel blessed that we will be able to purchase the new home and move in soon, while waiting for our house to sell.  I am at peace that this is the right thing for our family. AND, (which I told someone on Twitter yesterday is a word I don't typically begin sentences with LOL) I am sad. Wistful. Sentimental. We moved into this house when our boys were 4, 5 and 8.  They have grown up here and it has been such a great house to allow "boys to be boys".  This back yard has been home to many a birthday party, dirt bike riding, hide and seek, jumping in leaves and more. In those trees is the little fort the boys built with Mike, several years … [Read more...]

WW- Baking Day Pictures

Boys just wanna have fun with their moms!  If you read my post Friday, you know that we were fall baking and decorating fools on the boys day off of school.  Here are some highlights: Each boy got to choose a recipe, in addition to the items I was baking.  Jared chose sugar cookies (we substitute whole wheat flour) and Matt chose ginger snaps (which we made in to muffins) Assembled ingredients- I don't know where they get the idea to be organized from =) Finished product- sugar cookies. After all the baking I got lazy and purchased the cake for Matt's party! You can find more Wordless/Wordful Wednesday posts here, here and here. … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday- My new nephew

A big welcome to my sweet new nephew, Treyden Edward, who made his debut at 5:58pm October 4, 2009 weighing in at 6lbs 4 oz and 18" long.  Can't wait to meet him later this month! Pictured with his sweet daddy, my little bro, Thomas. Congrats Tom and Mackenzie! Join in for more Wordless Wednesday posts : here here and here. … [Read more...]

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