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An Organized Move


As a major life change, moving is one of the top 10 most stressful events in life. It requires a lot of time, effort and planning. Packing all of your belongings and then unpacking them is a hassle and disrupts the entire family. Fortunately, there are ways to make moving a little easier.

MAKE A MOVING CHECK LIST: Any big job is easier when you break it down into smaller more manageable tasks. So, first make a Moving Check List and pack in stages – starting 4 weeks out. This list can be customized to your specific needs. You can also download free printable moving checklists online. It is never too early to start planning, sorting and packing.

PURGE & SORT AS YOU PACK: Sort your belongings into items you want to keep (meaning they are worth packing up, transporting, and unpacking), items to donate or sell, and items to discard. Doing this NOW will make unpacking a breeze. Plus, the earlier you start the sooner you can begin selling items you want to get rid of on eBay, Etsy, or Craigslist before moving. Set a pick up date for donations a week before you move.

PACK LIKE A PRO: Make sure you have plenty of boxes and packing supplies: bubble wrap, tissue paper, tape, and permanent markers. Pack by room. Fill large boxes with lightweight items and smaller boxes with heavier items. Don’t over pack boxes. You can add handles to boxes using a box cutter to cut an inverted triangle on the sides of the box.

COLOR CODE & LABEL: Mark boxes for each room with colored dot stickers or tape. Keep a Color Code List available for everyone to use when packing. For example: Red – Garage, Blue – Office, Yellow – Kitchen, etc. Keep labeling consistent: top right corner on all sides and the top with a permanent black marker. Number and label the contents of each box IMMEDIATLEY after packing it. For example: Kitchen Box # 1: Utensils, #2: Dishes, #3: Plastic Containers, etc. Keep a MASTER LIST of each box and their contents for easy retrieval and unpacking. This extra effort now will pay off later – trust me.

“FIRST DAY” BOX: Make one for each family member. Fill with essential items you will need right away at the new place. This should include items like clothing, toiletries, towels and bedding, and maybe the coffee pot! Pack in clear bins or label in RED ink to separate them from the rest.


    • Use a large garbage bag to bundle hanging clothes together still on the hanger.
    • Store small items in large bowls. For example: put spices in a large pot.
    • Use towels to wrap breakables.
    • Place disposable foam plates between plates, and pack vertically, to protect them.
    • Tape the tops of all items that could leak.
    • Keep kitchen drawer items together by packing them in zip lock bags.
    • Cardboard partitions are great for packing glassware and other breakables.
    • Put screws and other parts to furniture, curtains or electronics, in small zip lock bags and tape to bottom of item for easy reassembly.
    • Use small items, like clean socks and scarves, to pack glasses and stemware.
    • Take a photo of how electronics – like your TV – are connected to save time setting it up later.

STRETCH WRAP: Whenever possible – keep items in their proper places and cover/secure with stretch wrap – which come in rolls of different sizes and lengths.

    • Wrap jewelry boxes and displays.
    • Wrap cabinet doors closed.
    • Cover drawers: kitchen, bedroom and office.
    • Bundle long garage tools together.
    • Roll up carpets and mats.
    • Secure the lids of items that could spill.
    • Bundle bedding and stuffed animals.
    • Wrap furniture.
    • Wrap small boxes together.

A little planning and prep work will definitely make your move less stressful!

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