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Organizing the Kitchen

It is often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It can often be one of the most difficult spaces to keep organized. Here are some of my tips:

  • Keep counters clear.  Not only does this protect your prep space, but clear counters go a long way in making the space uncluttered.  There are many storage options, including things that can be mounted to the inside of cabinet doors that can help keep items off the counters.  I keep larger appliances like my blender, mixer, crockpot, etc in my dining room hutch.  If you only use an appliance (like a waffle maker or bread maker) once or twice a month or less- consider storing it on a shelf in the garage rather than taking up space in the kitchen.  kitchen ideas
  • Use drawer dividers. I sell durable plastic dividers through Clever Container or you can make your own from materials like empty cereal boxes. It is much easier to find things in a drawer when they have their own space, rather than sorting through loose items each time you need a measuring spoon or a pair of scissors.
  • Purge duplicate items.  How often do you need two vegetable peelers at the same time? Two juicers? Two cheese graters?  Duplicate kitchen items take up valuable space in your drawers and cabinets.  Keep only what you need and you will see the clutter disappear fast.
  • Be creative with storage.  I use mason jars to hold spatulas and spoons, baskets to hold fruits/ get the picture.  Storage can be attractive and functional at the same time.

What is your biggest organizing challenge in the kitchen?


To my son as he goes off to college

The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday. ~ Author Unknown Dear Son, As you headed off to college last week and started a new chapter in your life, the one entitled Adulthood, I began to wonder if your dad and I taught you everything you need to know.  IContinue Reading

Dear Mama of Michael Brown

I can’t imagine the horror and heaviness of heart you have endured in the past week and a half since the tragic, senseless death of your son. I want you to know that regardless of what ANYONE says or ANYTHING your son did in the past, he did NOT deserve to be gunned down andContinue Reading

The Importance of Rest

I don’t know about you but I tend to take sleep for granted. Until it is elusive. When a deadline looms, something stressful takes up space in my thoughts or my allergies are giving me a fit; sleep doesn’t come as naturally as it usually does for me.  And, I almost immediately begin feeling theContinue Reading

Plugged In- Final Session

When I originally taught this prayer study it was so helpful to me in the season of life I was in–> with a new job, leaving full-time ministry and juggling the demands of teenage and young adult children.  Now, reposting two years later, the irony is not lost on me that I am starting aContinue Reading

Plugged In- Session 6

This session we are focusing on the verse in Ephesians that instructs us to pray without ceasing.  Is that really possible?

Plugged In- Session 5

Oh, friends!  Thank you for sticking with me through this study on prayer.  Our communication with God is life-giving.  We can’t take it too seriously. This session we focus on the third key to an effective prayer life: Changing what you are praying for.

Plugged In- Session 4

This session talks about utilizing a prayer journal. Have you ever written your prayers to God?

Plugged In- Session 3

In today’s session {session 3 of Plugged In: Accessing God’s Power through Prayer}, we are finishing up with the barriers to an effective prayer life. If there is one book of the Bible I could point you towards as a practical “how-to” for the Christian walk, it would be the book of James.  You willContinue Reading

Plugged In- Session 2

Wednesday, March 5 begins the Lenten season.  Although the church I attend doesn’t celebrate Lent, I do in my personal walk with Christ and have for the last several years. It is a sacred time of growing closer to Him and asking Him what He thinks has become an idol in my life that IContinue Reading