Telling Your Story

As most of you know, I have a weekly podcast (which BTW is on hiatus for the summer, resumes August 5th) called Sharing Our Stories. This was something God put on my heart as a way for people to share their testimony. There is power in our experiences, in the ways God has brought us through trials and in the ways we are blessed. I have enjoyed interviewing some amazing women and have shared my heart there as well. I have recently partnered with a great company, Cherish Bound, whose mission is to help people find, capture and share their stories. You can learn more about it here. Stay tuned for local and online author workshops I plan to teach. And, if you are at BlogHer this week be sure to find me for a special access code to start sharing your story today. … [Read more...]

Random Mama Updates

Okay, so Tuesdays seem to be my day for random updating. I am such a creature of routine and habit :-) So, anyway- ya know how when you finally "give in" to God and just do what He's been telling you to do things seem to go a lot smoother? (well, actually they get a little bumpy for a while when the enemy is testing to see if you are serious, but I just ignore him) Things are smooth right now. Not meaning life is grand and I am eating bon bons on a tropical island but that my spirit is at complete peace with the direction I am headed- personally, professionally, spiritually and emotionally (my physical body just has to stay healthy enough to participate). I don't know where God is taking my ship but I am going to enjoy the ride. Just thought I would share that :-)In line with that I … [Read more...]

Sharing Our Stories

Hey readers!My second podcast on BlogTalkRadio is coming up tomorrow- Wednesday May 13th- LIVE at 11am EST. My guest, Clarissa, is unable to participate tomorrow (for very good personal reasons) so I am asking for any of you available to listen in/call in to share your stories about how being a parent has changed you and your relationship with God. You can also participate in the live chat during the show. If you would be so kind as to help a multi-tasking mama out tomorrow, I would be forever grateful :-) The call in number for the show is (646) 378-1760.Thank you so much in advance!! … [Read more...]


*************Big News****************For those of you that have followed my blog for awhile, you are aware that God has been calling me out of my comfort zone in many ways in order to better serve Him. One thing He laid on my heart is the power that our personal story, our testimony, has in bringing others to know Him. I know from Scripture that the experiences and challenges I have faced in my life have been for the purpose of His glory.With all the gloom and doom in the news lately, it is easy to focus on the negative and forget all that God is doing in our everyday lives. But all you have to do is look at people's stories to know that God is alive and working in 2009- can I get an amen?So, beginning tomorrow and every Wednesday thereafter that I am able, I will be hosting a live … [Read more...]

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