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OxiClean Review

As you can imagine, with adolescent boys and a hardworking hubby, there is a lot of laundry getting cleaned at the Smallwood residence.  When I was offered the opportunity to review OxiClean Max Force Power Paks I heartily agreed.  I wanted to see for myself if a product could really get rid of the grassContinue Reading

Aircut Review

I am so excited to partner with Aircut and let my readers know about this innovative product.  Vacuum hair clippers…so cool.  Gone are the days of sweeping hair off the floor after my husband would use clippers on our three boys.  Gone are the days of the boys complaining of the itchy hair on theirContinue Reading

Green glasses? Who knew…

I was recently offered the opportunity to review the new Airwear ® lenses in my glasses.  The review opportunity came at just the right time, as I had just been given a new (and much stronger) prescription at the opthalmologist’s office. What I like about Airwear ® lenses: They are truly light weight.  They areContinue Reading

Trident Layers Review

Image by >>>WonderMike<<< via Flickr Being a contributing writer at Pink Lemonade has it’s perks, especially according to my kids.  Every so often a FedEx package arrives with some kind of goody in it for us me to review. When they opened the package (before I got home I might add) they were delighted toContinue Reading

Holiday Help to the Rescue

We are all probably feeling the stress (remind me not to ever move during the holidays again, mmm kay?) of the Christmas season, at least a little, right.  Please tell me I’m not the only one! One site that has helped ease the tension this season is Hellmann’s Real Holiday Helpings.  Sponsored by Hellmann’s (obviously)Continue Reading

Hickory Farms Review

For as long as I can remember, Hickory Farms has been a part of the holidays.  My grandmother uses their sausages and cheeses to keep everyone from getting impatient while waiting for the holiday meal to be ready….wait a minute, so do I.  *gasp*  I’ve become my grandmother! This Thanksgiving was the first I haveContinue Reading

Who gets to do the dishes?

Chores- the one word that can bring groans, complaints and have kids running away faster then a speeding bullet.  At least in our house. Over the years, with three boys, we have tried various methods to handle delegating chores.  We have tried lists, sticker charts, rewards but to be honest I had never thought ofContinue Reading

New Season of Great Television!

I have not been so excited for a new season of television shows to start since 90210 and Melrose Place (the originals) were on when I was in high school!  In addition to my regular programming (Grey’s, etc. on Thurs. and Extreme Makeover, etc. on Sundays) I have found some new shows that are guaranteedContinue Reading

Educating Ourselves for our Kids

School is back in session.  I have two middle schoolers this year and Jason is in the 11th grade at a school for kids with special needs.  The middle school boys are both in honors classes and come home with a ridiculous amount of homework!  Matt still struggles with staying organized (his definition and mineContinue Reading

Lunchables for my hungry boys

Have you ever tried to keep up with feeding 13 and 11 year old boys? They eat like horses! I remember the days that my hubby used to eat the things off their plates that they didn’t finish- ha! Now, if he reached for something on their plate he would probably draw back a stump!Continue Reading