The Story that Changed my Life

My first Bible was a purple Precious Moments Bible.  I loved it and I loved that my name was written on the inside. I grew up listening to Psalty sing praise songs and Adventures in Odyssey play on the radio on Saturday mornings. But I was an adult before I learned the true story of what Jesus sacrificed to save me while I was watching an Easter play in 1998. The story came to life with the actors and choir and I was moved to the core of my heart by the story of the cross. Jesus won me to Himself that day.  And, I have never been the same. I have tried to be much more intentional about sharing the stories of the Bible with my children.  We open the Word for wisdom, guidance and direction.  When my boys were small, they loved hearing the story of Daniel and the lion's den and the three … [Read more...]

Third World Symphony and an interview with Shaun Groves

I was honored to interview Shaun Groves {he allowed three questions} to help spread the word about his new release, Third World Symphony. I found Shaun's blog when some of the bloggers I read regularly traveled to Kenya with Compassion International last year. Shaun is an award winning singer and songwriter and recently released a new album, called Third World Symphony.  His passion is helping spread the word about poverty and what we should all be doing to fix it.  He is authentic and funny {a nice combination}. So, here are the three questions I came up with {and my comments in italics cause of course I have to talk too}: 1. Does your family ever accompany you on Compassion trips overseas? Shaun: My wife went with me to India. She was already a believer in the effectiveness of … [Read more...]

Writing an ebook and loving it

I have had two ebook manuscripts sitting in my documents for several months. Fear has kept me from publishing them. That and not knowing what the heck am I doing!  I was thrilled when Sarah Mae, co-founder of the Relevant Conference {a life changing weekend for me last October} and author of one of my favorite blogs, wrote her latest ebook, How to Market and Sell your eBook, everything you need to know to make money with epublishing. I devoured the ebook.  I even printed it out so I could highlight and take notes. The book delivers on it's promise to teach you everything you need to know about epublishing and it does not disappoint.  It is chock full of resources, tips and practical knowledge that every would-be ebook writer needs to know. I feel equipped and ready to move my … [Read more...]

Ministry through Music

I love to sing.  Music is one of the fastest ways God connects to my soul.  It speaks to me.  Listening to the lyrics of a song are as important to me as the musical structure... and that is why I love this new CD, by Ginger Millermon, called Rescued that I had the opportunity to review.  Talk about heartfelt are the lyrics from my favorite song on the CD: I found God's mercy in an old wooden pew in 1983~When I realized He gave His life for me~He changed my heart so unexpectedly~That's when I found God's mercy I saw God's mercy in a children's hospital, room 223~My little boy was barely holding on to life~then a miracle, it showed up one night~That's when I saw God's mercy Oh, the Lord is good~and His mercy is forever~and even if I could explain this mystery~How much He … [Read more...]

Organized Grocery Shopping

Image via CrunchBase With all our talk of organizing our finances in January, I turned to my favorite organizing program to get my shopping list under control.  When you use coupons, pair them up with circular ad sales and are shopping for hungry tween/teen boys, groceries can be a lot to keep track of. Cozi makes grocery shopping a breeze for me.  Their online program {which is free by the way} has a grocery shopping component where I add things to my list as I become aware that we need them {much like the days of notebooks with a magnet on the fridge type of running list- do you follow me?}. No more sticky notes for this gal =) One reason I love this feature is because I tend to misplace a paper list...especially when I am using it to keep a running tab of what I need at the store.  … [Read more...]

Who gets to do the dishes?

Chores- the one word that can bring groans, complaints and have kids running away faster then a speeding bullet.  At least in our house. Over the years, with three boys, we have tried various methods to handle delegating chores.  We have tried lists, sticker charts, rewards but to be honest I had never thought of making a game out of it. The thought should have come more naturally, you know like singing the clean-up song when the kids were smaller to encourage them to put away their toys?  But, a mama can run out of ideas. That is why I was pleased to review the new concept, Deck of Chores.  I was a little skeptical at first as my tween boys don't take kindly to change in routine.  However, the Deck of Chores changed all that. The deck of chores is literally a large deck of cards with … [Read more...]

Educating Ourselves for our Kids

School is back in session.  I have two middle schoolers this year and Jason is in the 11th grade at a school for kids with special needs.  The middle school boys are both in honors classes and come home with a ridiculous amount of homework!  Matt still struggles with staying organized (his definition and mine vary greatly).  The extra-curricular activities including math club, Lego NXT club, and chess club all start next week for Matt.  Jared will be trying out for the basketball team again this year.  Throw in youth group on Wednesday nights and we are pretty much on the go every evening. Each season of parenting presents new challenges and questions that arise.  I have used the internet to find answers to many of my "is this normal for this age" and "how can I get my child to do xyz" … [Read more...]

The PERFECT Pillow

So, I haven't been doing a lot of product reviews lately because I have just not had the time.  But, today I am playing catch-up.  I posted on earlier because that site has been a life saver since my nephew came to stay with us.  With all the educational games and videos it has been a great incentive for him.  A few months ago (yes, I am embarassingly late in posting this) Tempur-Pedic sent me two pillows to review.  If anyone knows how important a good night's sleep is it is my hubby and I.  Mike gets up at 3:30am to commute 90 miles to work.  He goes to bed between 9pm and 10pm each night.  With multiple sclerosis, fatigue is a daily part of my life.  Not to mention the fact that I need my beauty sleep =) We received two Tempur-Pedic pillows, the Comfort Pillow and the Neck … [Read more...]

Creative Fun for Kids

We have found a great site for my youngest, Matt. Shidonni is "awesome" because Matt can draw his own animals, feed them, have them be interactive with other kid's pets on the site and much more. He has been eager to get on the site every day after school to make animals like this:97% of US children play video games (according to a recent study). My son is definitely one of them. All my sons are actually but Matt takes the cake. We have to limit his time on the computer but I haven't found myself being concerned with his time on Shidonni. The site encourages creativity, responsibility and most of all fun.Here is what experts are saying about Shidonni (in case my multitasking word isn't enough:-):“Shidonni is a breath of fresh air in games for young children. The intrinsic reward … [Read more...]

Random Mama Updates

Lots going on here in the Multitasking Mama world so I thought (and I hope) that my readers might enjoy a little update about all my goings on. So, here goes:** After reviewing the overwhelming amount of applicants wishing to join the new Spray ‘n Wash Mom Panel, we would like to inform you that you have been selected as a founding member. Congratulations! We are excited to get to know you and work together throughout 2009. That is part of an email I received today! I was chosen to be one of the mom bloggers participating in the Spray n' Wash Mom Panel. I have honestly used their product for years (they are launching a new product that I will be reviewing soon) and am so excited to share my laundry expertise with them and my readers (if you have never read my laundry expertise you … [Read more...]

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