What it means to be Pro-Life

A few weeks ago I attended a baby shower. The church was decorated adorably (pink, purple and zebra print) to celebrate the impending arrival of a little baby girl. Twenty women arrived with yummy treats to share. The gift table was full to overflowing and we played the traditional baby shower games. It was a fun afternoon. But, the thing that made it special to me was the fact that, for most of the women in attendance, the mom-to be was a complete stranger. My friend, Karen, had created an afternoon full of love and celebration for someone that we hardly knew. She invited and women came! They came to love on an unwed mama, down on her luck, who is set to deliver a sweet babe in a few weeks. I can't think of a better way to illustrate Christ's love. This mama to be was showered with … [Read more...]

Yes! This!

"Let me tell you something, Church. The term marriage has been tainted, scarred, and made a mockery of by the adulteress who willingly accepts a man from a troubled marriage. Marriage has been burnt alive by porn addiction and selfish husbands. Marriage has been destroyed by unforgiving wives and a blatant unwillingness by both parties to lay down their lives. Marriage has not been ruined by the gay community. And if we truly, not self righteously but truly, want to return marriage to its original sanctity, the fight, the cleansing and purifying, has to begin within the church." Please go read this post in it's entirety at Kingdom Twindom.  Thank you for your willingness to say the hard things, Sarah! And, another post that has me nodding in agreement is "An Apology to Democrats and … [Read more...]

September 11th- 8 years later

  It started like any other day.  I sent Jason and Jared off on the school bus and Matthew and I headed to a playgroup.  The kids were playing quietly on the floor, us mama's were nursing our oversized mugs of steaming coffee and the Today Show was on in the background.  About the time that our hostess' phone rang, my gaze settled on the television set.  The image of smoke billowing from a huge building and the words scrolling at the bottom of the scene were not registering.  "Turn up the TV", my friend, Kim shouted, cupping her hand over the phone receiver.  We increased the volume and listened to the voices of Katie Couric and Matt Lauer trying to make sense of what seemed like an accident at the time. Then the second plane came and a chill went up my spine.  We all sat there … [Read more...]


Okay, I am veering away from National Get Organized week for a day to directly respond to an online friend from Twitter. (BTW- if you haven’t been on Twitter.com, you really need to check it out) She and I have been debating, in the 140 character limit, that Twitter allows over the Presidential campaign. She is vehemently against my candidate, Barack Obama and sends me links to sites and videos that I guess are supposed to change my mind. But, this last link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSEaDov37R0 just irritated me to the point that I am going to address point by point why, no offense to serious Catholics, their voting strategy is flawed. I have tried to remain as neutral and non-confrontational as possible online because many of my friends and even family believe in and prefer a … [Read more...]

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