A God Sized Dream Update

  I will be on a train to Florida in three days. Three days!  A dream that has lay dormant in my heart for YEARS is coming to fruition. When I invited y'all on a God sized dream journey with me this year, I was referring, mostly, to my speaking and teaching aspirations.  While those are still on my heart {and I have taken exciting steps toward them} the real dream that God was going to propel me towards was something I had shelved a while back. But, God! My two favorite words. After the hubby said "why don't we go this year?" and I picked myself up off the floor, we started taking short trips to Florida to look at homes and get a feel for the job market.  In late March, we decided that I would start applying for jobs in the hopes that I would find one before the … [Read more...]

I’m Not a Runner…..Yet

I have many friends that have taken up running. And, they LOVE it. Like, it has changed their life, their health, their physique for the better and they can't imagine not running type of love it. They post pictures on Instagram and Facebook. Sweaty happy faces after running a 5, 10 or 15k.  Running in inclement weather, on purpose. And for most of 2012, I watched their transformations from the comfort of my couch, shaking my head and thinking "bless their little running hearts". Meanwhile, I huffed and puffed at the very thought of running.  A brisk walk could leave me breathless. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As I prayed for my … [Read more...]

Hitting the books

I have a special prayer request! Tomorrow, Shayla starts her first day of college classes!! She is excited but nervous, especially about juggling motherhood, work and school {not to mention a wedding at the end of next month}. Will you pray for an extra measure of grace for her? God has moved so incredibly in her life in the last two years, I know He's got this for sure! Thanks, y'all! … [Read more...]

Fill my tank

Why do we run on empty and then wonder why we are stressed and burnt out? This was a question posed by my pastor a few months ago.  I wrote it down because, while an obvious sentiment, I forget this principle far too often in my busy life. I have been running on empty lately.  Two kids are graduating, vacation plans, physical therapy and other doctor appointments,15th birthdays, church obligations, ministry work, writing--you get the picture. Something's gotta give. Unfortunately, it has been my marriage and my relationship with God.  I was reminded by a good friend that we can say that God is our number one priority and our spouse is a close second but if the way we spend our time and energy do not reflect that, we are fooling ourselves. I was in a rush this morning and knew I needed … [Read more...]

Radically Changed

Back in May of this year, our family read a life changing book.  A book that shattered our facade of comfort.  We had been comfortable in our little corner of the world.     We had allowed ourselves to become insulated to the pain and poverty that exists in our backyard and abroad. Once we read the book and found our way back into the portions of God's Word that we had avoided and misinterpreted, our hearts and lives were forever changed.  We are on a journey.  As a family.  As individuals.  As believers in Christ. I don't know where this journey will take us, during our time here on earth, our time in Falling Waters, WV or wherever else God may take us, but I know the final destination and my hope is to bring as many with me as I can. A blog that I read regularly is hosting a … [Read more...]

Modern Day Miracle

Who would have thought that a rickety roller coaster and a sweltering day at a cheesy quaint amusement park could bridge huge holes of the heart? God. Who would have thought that the day would be full of smiles and fun, rather than anxiety and angst? God. Who would have thought that racing go-karts together (see daddy way there in the back, ha!) would be freeing in so many ways? God. Who knew that this mama's heart would behold {all} her children reunited on this side of heaven? God. Saturday was a very special day for our family.  It was the first time we had all been together, the five of us, in the same place at the same time in THREE years! God gave me a gift that I had given up on a long time ago.  And I have been unwrapping it ever since! {If you haven't been here … [Read more...]


It was serene. It was relaxing. Time spent reveling in the uniqueness of my children and the sheer handsomeness of my husband. Time spent laughing with friends and playing board games. Roasting marshmallows, making smores and chatting by the fire.  Watching my boys stoke the fire, enthralled by every spark and ember. I unplugged this weekend and it was a gift I intend to unwrap more often. This post is linked to Tuesdays Unwrapped. … [Read more...]


Have you ever wrestled with memories?  Memories can evoke the warm fuzzies, can make us smile or laugh out loud.  Memories can remind us how blessed we are and can get us through a difficult time. Memories can also be painful, reminding us of a time of despair or sorrow.  Memories can make us weep, cringe and cause us to shake our heads at the decisions we have made in the past. God's memory is something that we can't comprehend.  He has the ability to forget our sins- as far as the east is from the west so far has He removed our transgressions from us Psalm 103:12.  God takes our sins and hurls all our iniquities into the depths of the sea Micah 7:19. God has not seemed to share that gift with us and I am kind of glad He didn't.  Remembering my sin(s) is one of the things that keeps … [Read more...]


I have had a rough week.   Not the hardest, by any stretch of the imagination, but one of those weeks that makes you doubt your direction, crave chocolate and cry at the drop of a hat. I have snapped at my children, argued with my husband, neglected to follow up with friends that needed me, gotten behind on emails and not kept up with my house. Ugh! Weeks like this can get us down in the dumps- if we let them!  Discouragement is a choice.  I may not be able to change the fact that people I care about are going through a lot. I may not be able to change the fact that our beloved doggy is going to be more comfortable in permanent sleep today. I may not be able to change the fact that the enemy doesn't like it when God's people are on the right track and will do whatever he can to bring … [Read more...]

He’s My Son

Chubby little fingers find their way into my hand. His (almost) three year old little self pulls me energetically towards the kittens down the hall... "Tome on mommy, let's go look at the kitties" (except he said his hard c's and k's like t's so you can imagine how comical that was).  The fact that he is calling me mommy just a few days after we met is not lost on me and I feel the weight of what that could mean with each step down the hall. He's my son. (Almost) three years later we sit in the back of the car together.  He again slides his hand into mine as we drive away from his old life and toward a new life in our home.  He is stoic, already jaded by his experiences and the disappointments life can present.  He doesn't cry. He doesn't ask why.  He just holds my hand and doesn't look … [Read more...]

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