You’ve Got This, Mama

My monthly post for The MOB {Mothers of Boys} Society is up over there.  I wrote about a difficult topic but one that many of us mama's have or will face.  Would love you to join me there today!   … [Read more...]

My Real Children

One of the questions that annoys me {and many other adoptive parents. I'm sure} is "are you her real mother?" Or, even better, "are they real brothers?" Really? They share the same parents and the same last name, what do you think? For the record, real moms come in a variety of packages.  Some carry their babies for nine months, only to make the brave choice that the best way they can parent is to let someone else parent their child.  Some travel thousands of miles to the other side of the world to bring home a child from an impoverished, desperate situation and literally love them to life.  Still others provide homes for children temporarily, until the child's parents begin to make better choices or an adoptive family is found.  Many feel called to parent older children, about to … [Read more...]

When Parenting Teens and Young Adults is Hard

Wouldn't it be nice if our kids could look at the replay of our lives and consider our mistakes a lesson learned on their behalf, thus saving themselves from anguish and heartache? If you read here regularly, you know I write a monthly column for The M.O.B Society, a popular website just for mama's of boys.  As a writing team we try to watch the Facebook page and give advice and insight when we can to questions that moms post there.  Yesterday, a mom posed a question about her 14 year old questioning his relationship with God and not wanting to go to church.  I've been down that road once or twice with my kids and quickly typed out a response for this mama that went something like this: One of my boys was 14 when he went through this same type of issue. I was so scared and sad but our … [Read more...]

Loosening My Grip

Sometimes, when I am quiet in this space, it becomes increasingly intimidating to return. Is anyone reading here still?  And the haunting question always lurking in this writers mind-- do I have anything important to say? But God, sweet friends! He just doesn't give up on this pen to paper call He has placed in my heart.  So, I write again. Life has been challenging so far this year.  I am learning to parent palms up--letting go as my children learn to navigate this world on their own.  I never imagined watching my children stumble could hurt so much.  Gone are the days of brushing off skinned knees and bandaging boo-boos.  Two of my children are actually grown-ups now and two are quickly nearing the end of their childhood years. We had to carry out some tough love with one … [Read more...]

For your desperate mama moments

Three kids six and under and a mama all with the chicken pox.  It is NOT my fondest mama memory.  Oatmeal baths and whining {mostly from me} and calamine lotion and whining and scratching and reminding not to scratch.  The worst was being cooped up in the house for a week. There was a knock at my door, thirteen years ago, when I was speckled with calamine lotion and red-eyed from crying the "why-me's".  A sweet friend from our playgroup had dropped off all the chicken pox and stuck-in-the-house supplies a girl could ask for.  Board games, library books, Aveeno name it, she brought it. She left it on my porch with a sweet, encouraging note. Suddenly I didn't feel as desperate anymore.  I knew I wasn't alone, no matter how alone I felt in that moment.   Moments … [Read more...]

What You Learn From a Quiet House

My house is quiet. Y'all, that never happens!  With four kids, a two year old grandbaby, two dogs and a husband- it just never happens. Normally I beg for quiet.  Sweet Pea even says "hush", echoing what she hears from my lips so often.  The clang, the chatter, the chaos of a busy home can seem too much for this introspective soul. This night, other than the TV in the background as my hubby watches a movie, there is true silence. I sit in the quiet and I realize that as much as I am enjoying this moment, I wouldn't give up the noise of my life for all the quiet days in the world. For in the noise of life, there is love.  There is fun and laughter, belly laughter.  There is joy.  There is silliness.  There is much to be thankful for. There is life. In the noise, … [Read more...]

Moments Like This

Sunday, my daughter will become a wife.   I will return with regular posting {actually a 31 day series} October 1st. Appreciate your love and prayers in the meantime! … [Read more...]

Hitting the books

I have a special prayer request! Tomorrow, Shayla starts her first day of college classes!! She is excited but nervous, especially about juggling motherhood, work and school {not to mention a wedding at the end of next month}. Will you pray for an extra measure of grace for her? God has moved so incredibly in her life in the last two years, I know He's got this for sure! Thanks, y'all! … [Read more...]

Desperate for love

I stumbled across Reece's Rainbow several years ago and have been a staunch supporter of their cause ever since.  Reece's Rainbow advocates for children with special needs, specifically Down Syndrome, in other countries that are in need of forever families.  Selfishly, I want to bring little Lianne or Megan or Tara home and love on them forever.  These precious little ones deserve a lifetime of love and kisses from a mama and daddy that love them to make up for the time they have spent in cribs, simply because they were born with an extra chromosome. Today, several bloggers are advocating for the 63 waiting children on Reece's Rainbow that have been listed on the site the longest.  Those needing a family so desperately, yet are passed over again and again. I am pleased to introduce you … [Read more...]

The best kind of Dad

He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.  ~Clarence Budington Kelland I could not be more thankful that God chose Mike to be my hubby and the father of our children.  However each child has joined our family, his love, devotion, direction and affection doesn't differ.  He leads by example and his quiet strength and integrity keep the ship of our family on an even keel. Happy Father's Day, Mike.  I love you and thank God for you every single day. and Happy Father's Day to all the other men God has entrusted children to.  Do Him proud! How did you celebrate Father's Day this year? … [Read more...]

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