The answer is no, no, no, no, NO

***warning, if you are the parent of a baby, toddler, preschooler or elementary age child, this post may burst your bubble. Read at your own risk!***Back when I was in the trenches of early motherhood- you know, the poop smearing, temper tantrum throwing, what is in your mouth?, don't eat your boogers, sleep deprived, having to come up with answers to the never ending why (is the sky blue, milk white, do I have a penis?) questions days, I wistfully looked forward to the days when my kids could be more independent and I would be able to rationalize with them. And I did get a reprieve for a couple years, first grade through fourth, those were the days. My kids still needed me (and didn't fight that) but could brush their own teeth, wipe their own butt- life was good.But then, the double … [Read more...]

Not Me Monday

Woo hoo, it is Monday again and time for a dose of brutal honesty! These are the things I did not do this week. Feel free to join in the fun, visit MckMama's blog for more info.~I did not go back up to the buffet at our favorite Chinese restaurant three times to get a refill of black pepper chicken. I am way too concerned about my love handles to do something like that!~I did not wince inside while congratulating my 7th grader on making the school basketball team. I am not so selfish that the thought of practice six days a week, including 8am on Saturdays, makes me want to scream. No, not this dedicated mama.~I did not feed my children ramen noodles and PBJ twice this week because their dad was working late and I was not too tired to make them a "real" dinner.~I did not put on rubber … [Read more...]

Mama to a future NBA star…

in his dreams! But Jared did make it through an entire week of tryouts for the 7th grade basketball team and made the first cut from 24 kids to 18 and the LAST cut from 18 to 12. The boy made the team! He is officially a Spring Mills Patriot and nearly bursting with pride (and relief) at his accomplishment.And, a huge part of me is cheering him on and proud as pie of him. But, the other, perhaps more selfish and tired part of me, got the practice and game schedule for the next three months and secretly wished he hadn't made the daggone team :-) They practice 6 (and yes, they are only twelve year olds) days a week, including 8am on Saturday mornings- ahhhhhhh! Hubby and I are going to flip for which one of us is taking him to that one! And the game schedule (which we must transport … [Read more...]

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