Alternative Ways to Deal with Pain {a #chronicallywell post}

Early on in my chronic illness journey, I suffered bilateral pulmonary emboli and it was discovered I had a blood clotting disorder.  I am on Coumadin for the rest of my life.  Up until that point my go to medication for the pain of living with {what turned out to be} lupus was 800mg of ibuprofen.  Anti-inflammatory medications and Coumadin don't mix so I had to find another alternative.  Acetaminophen {aka Tylenol} wasn't an option because lupus had attacked my liver and taking Tylenol made the situation worse.  I refuse {except for brief periods after surgeries} to take narcotic pain medication, simply because I don't feel I can be present for my family and under the influence of strong medications at the same time.  All that to say, pain control was proving difficult.  I began to … [Read more...]

A true gift

It is just a box you check on your driver's license. I have never given it much thought, until this week. Monday, I received a gift from a woman I will never know. Part of her knee was grafted into mine so that I will be able to walk again without brace, cane or walker. ACL reconstruction is usually done by taking your own muscle from somewhere else {a hamstring, etc} and literally reconstructing the ACL that was torn in my fall.  However, because I have MS and other medical conditions the surgeons agreed that donor tissue was the best way to go. And, on Monday they attached the ACL of a fifty year old woman into my right knee.  I don't know the details of the tragedy or accident that took her life.  I just know that she had a giving heart because she chose to give of herself, even … [Read more...]

Taking it easy

I am here. my knee surgery went as planned on Monday morning and my ruptured ACL was replaced by a cadaver ACL {that we are referring to as Bobbi} and my torn meniscus was repaired as well.  The pain was beyond what I expected, however it is getting better {a teeny tiny bit} each day. thank you so much for the thoughts, prayers, texts, emails, facebook messages and tweets.  They have lifted my spirits more than you know. I will be back in writing mode, with a special interview with Shaun Groves, as soon as my mind is not under the influence of narcotics :) God bless! … [Read more...]

Can you hear Me now?

There have been several times in recent years that I have been forced to rest.  When God has allowed circumstances to stop me in my tracks. As I type this from my bed, unable to walk or drive due to a fall {that resulted in a nasty, as yet to be determined completely, knee injury} I realize... I still haven't gotten it. My Type A, fix-what-is-broken, unable-to-set-boundaries self is broken again. The outside taking the hit for the battle that wages inside. I have time {lots and lots of it} to read through my old prayer journals and realize how truly thick headed I am.  Each time I have been in this place before, I have purposed that I wouldn't need to be here again.  That I got it. That I got the need for rest. The need for balance. The need to pursue that which God wants me to … [Read more...]

Counting it ALL joy

Since the unexpected occurred last week, I have been purposeful about looking for the joy in all circumstances.  Easier said than done, but once you start counting the blessings, the blessings become more obvious. Context is crucial when looking for the joy in difficult times.  It is difficult to feel sorry for myself when I look at the horrific images of the earthquake and tsunami aftermath in Japan.  It is hard to wallow in self-pity while praying for the children waiting to be rescued over at Reece's Rainbow. Thank God He provides perspective when we need it. and the counting of gifts continues {#171-180} ~ ice packs ~ friends that are willing to be hands and feet, preparing meals, driving to appointments and more ~ feeling lifted up by the prayers of those that love me ~ … [Read more...]

Flowers fade

I am not a gardener. I am pretty sure both my thumbs are black. When we downsized and moved in December, I didn't pay much attention the landscaping on our new home's lot. I was so pleasantly surprised a few weeks ago when pretty pink bushes bloomed out front.  A luscious purple bush in the back, with a perfect view from the screened in porch. And then, my favorite, the bluish purple flowers that are weaving their way up our lamp post in the front yard. I am not a gardener. I don't know a chrysanthemum from a forsynthia but I do know pretty when I see it. I appreciate the beauty of the flowers and at the same time I realize that under my lethal eye, those plants probably won't last long. My flower has faded these past few days.  Withered in pain and fatigue from an illness that is … [Read more...]

KIDZ- Special Needs

Our family story is featured at KIDZ, a wonderful website about special needs kids. Please go over and read it. It is a painful story but one that needs to be told and it is important to me to help other parents going through similar situations. So. stop over at KIDZ today. … [Read more...]

Just keepin’ it real

(photo courtesy of, yesterday was not my day. I have put on a happy face for the last week, waiting for them to figure out what is wrong with my back and leg so that my happy face can be genuine again. But, lo and behold, I am human and ran out of fake "happy" before the genuine happy showed up.I FINALLY had the MRI that I was supposed to have on Thursday (long story, suffice it to say insurance companies are a pain in the rear, yet a necessary evil). Only catch was that I had to go through the ER, arriving at 4:00 for a "stand-by" appointment that surfaced at 7:50pm. I was cool with the wait, had brought a good book and was just thankful I was getting the MRI. My doctor was pretty convinced that I had a herniated or slipped disc from a fall two weeks ago so that … [Read more...]

Focus Friday- Balance (again)

It is time to get real about what I accomplished last week and what I want/intend to focus on this coming week. You can join in the fun at Thrifty and Chic Mom. Last week I wanted to focus on balancing all the new irons I have in the fire and taking care of my health, etc. I did accomplish making a schedule for work related activities- yeah for me! In fact, I worked all day on Wednesday making a realistic and achievable breakdown of when to work on various projects, allowing for time to nap, go to doctor's appointments, etc. The schedule is great- if I can stick to it.As for achieving the ever elusive balance- I had a wrench (or actually more like a crowbar) thrown in that this week. I fell last week (see my Not Me Monday post for more on that)and instead of going to the doctor when I … [Read more...]

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