An Organized Move

As a major life change, moving is one of the top 10 most stressful events in life. It requires a lot of time, effort and planning. Packing all of your belongings and then unpacking them is a hassle and disrupts the entire family. Fortunately, there are ways to make moving a little easier. MAKE A MOVING CHECK LIST: Any big job is easier when you break it down into smaller more manageable tasks. So, first make a Moving Check List and pack in stages – starting 4 weeks out. This list can be customized to your specific needs. You can also download free printable moving checklists online. It is never too early to start planning, sorting and packing. PURGE & SORT AS YOU PACK: Sort your belongings into items you want to keep (meaning they are worth packing up, transporting, and unpacking), … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Taming the Playroom

Have you ever stepped on a Lego in the middle of the night? Ask any parent about the pain involved with these little plastic bricks. Have you trampled over your child's favorite happy meal toy in your heavy winter boots?  Those cheap toys shatter into a million tiny pieces. Even though sometimes I may as well be talking to myself, I have tried to make my children understand the consequences of leaving their toys out everywhere. The bottom line is people get hurt and toys get broken when everything is left on the floor.  As any good parent does, you ask your child to clean up their toys.  When you check on them, your child is playing or just sitting in the chaos. There is stuff everywhere.  Since we live in the land of more than plenty, maybe your child just doesn't know where to … [Read more...]

Organizing the Pantry

Last post we talked about organizing the kitchen. Today, we will focus on the pantry. If you are blessed to have a pantry in your kitchen, here are a few tips for keeping it organized: Group like things together.  Use baskets or bins to keep all gravy and seasoning packets together. Use a larger bin to hold baking supplies.  Put breakfast foods on the same shelf and side dishes on another.    {You can find the bins pictured above by shopping my Clever Container catalog here.} Maximize storage opportunities. If your pantry has a door, consider a hanging organizer to hold odds and ends like koolaid packets and individual snacks for the kids.   Consider moving bulk items to clear storage containers.  Instead of bags of rice and flour, you can find clear canisters at dollar … [Read more...]

Organizing the Kitchen

It is often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It can often be one of the most difficult spaces to keep organized. Here are some of my tips: Keep counters clear.  Not only does this protect your prep space, but clear counters go a long way in making the space uncluttered.  There are many storage options, including things that can be mounted to the inside of cabinet doors that can help keep items off the counters.  I keep larger appliances like my blender, mixer, crockpot, etc in my dining room hutch.  If you only use an appliance (like a waffle maker or bread maker) once or twice a month or less- consider storing it on a shelf in the garage rather than taking up space in the kitchen.   Use drawer dividers. I sell durable plastic dividers through Clever Container or you … [Read more...]

First Things First- What is your why?

Day one's post talked about the freedom that comes from being more organized. Today, we will dive into why you- YOU- want to become more organized. What is in it for you? If you don't know your motivation, you are less likely to stick with the process and create and maintain new habits. I want you to ask yourself two questions: 1. What is your biggest organizing challenge? AND 2. What would be the biggest reward of getting that challenge under control? Tomorrow, we will dive right into one of the biggest organizing challenges many families face- the heart of the home, the kitchen. Happy Organizing! Melissa   … [Read more...]

Is Getting Organized Worth the Time and Effort?

Welcome to my 31 Days series which will focus on cutting through the clutter of life.  Before we implement any new habit or concept into our life, we need to understand the value/benefit of doing so. If I had to narrow down the benefits of becoming more organized into one word it would be.... FREEDOM! Freedom from stress.  Clutter is stressful.  Walking in from a long day at work to a house in chaos does not illicit a feeling of calm.  Can you imagine the way it would feel to walk into a peaceful, clutter-free environment? It is stressful to not know where something is.  Have you been late paying a bill because you misplaced it? Have you missed an appointment because you didn't write it down?  Those types of things are stressful and frequently a direct result of chronic … [Read more...]

Getting the most out of a day

Yesterday on Facebook, my tip for the day was to keep a time log for a few days so that people can identify where they are spending time passively {AKA wasting time}.  A major complaint I hear from coaching clients is there just aren’t enough hours in a day to get everything done.  While I can't get the day any longer than it is, there are simple strategies you can employ to make the hours in your day more productive.  Here are a few: Delegate.  There is no rule that we, as busy parents, have to do it all.  That is a myth that we perpetuate.  If there are things that are taking time away from tasks that only you can do, let someone else do them. That someone else can be your spouse, your kids or a professional. Swap.  There are plenty of things that you excel at that your friends … [Read more...]

Important prayer request + miscellaneous multitasking

I have let go of many online commitments and obligations in the last several months as I returned to the work-outside-the-home-in-corporate-America world.  I was sad to release many of them and prayed through each decision.  One commitment that God did not release me from {and I'm really glad He didn't} is writing for The MOB Society. Raising three boys to teenagedom has to make me an expert at something, right?  {cough, cough} In all seriousness, I am beyond proud of the amazing site that Erin and Brooke have built to support and encourage moms of boys.  And, today I am joining with them in asking you to pray for a cause dear to The MOB's heart.  The people of the DRC. Brooke has posted a heart wrenching update on the MOB site today and I ask each of you that read this to stop, read it … [Read more...]

More exciting things!!

I promise I will return tomorrow with a content rich post but today I needed to stop by and quickly share a few more exciting things with y'all. {Did you see the exciting things from yesterday?} First of all, I am excited to be contributing to a wonderful community called The Intentional Lifestyle.  The site is chock full of resources, ideas and support to live a healthy life, in all aspects of your life.  I am the Healthy Home "Expert" over there and my first vlog, talking about the four things that clutter steals from you, is live today.  I am humbled and thrilled to be in the company of such a talented team! Please go check it out! Secondly, I contributed to a brand new eBook called From Mom's Failure to God's Grace: Stories of Raising Boys from the MOB Society Writers.  All the … [Read more...]

All Over the Place

  This has been a crazy with a capital C kind of week. We had our YoungLives Christmas party last night with 41 teen moms and their babies in attendance.  It was amazing to see God show up! I have been very preoccupied getting ready for that, preparing for the holidays and getting ready to welcome our two oldest home for a few weeks.  Shayla will be home from school today for 17 days!! Can't wait to see her!  Then, Jason comes home on the 21st for a week and a half break from basic and AIT training for the Army.  I am going to be posting lightly and sporadically until the New Year as I soak up every minute with my kids. I did want to let you know that my first post as a contributor at Homemakers Challenge is up and I am talking about simplifying the holiday season.  You can read … [Read more...]

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