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Healthy Family, Healthy Meals

Ever since my diagnosis of MS in January 2008, our family has been on a journey toward healthier living.  That journey got a jumpstart last week when I watched a movie called Food Inc.  I have since shown it to my hubby and the boys and they are on board with revamping the food weContinue Reading

Sleep is a beautiful thing

For the last three weeks I have been planning an event (God gave me the idea, never mentioned the scope) that benefitted an organization very important to me- Young Lives.  Last night we held the event at our local mall, in conjunction with the National Mom’s Nite Out.  The culmination of hard work, excitement andContinue Reading

Steps toward a natural lifestyle

Image via Wikipedia I haven’t liked getting my hands dirty since I was a little girl.  Gardening? Yuck!  I even mix meatloaf with a spoon.  Up until recently, I didn’t like to get anything under my french manicured nails (did you know all the chemicals in acrylic nails?  I do now and haven’t had themContinue Reading

Fatigue, Frustration and Faith

Image by kriscip via Flickr I am tired. The kind of tired that you feel in your bone marrow.  The kind of tired that no one understands if they do not have chronic illness.  The kind of tired that isn’t phased by a three hour nap. I have a tendency to push myself.  Goes backContinue Reading

Invisible Tuesday (on Wednesday)

Tune into MomTV today(Wednesday) at 1pm EST for the latest episode of The Invisibles. Today’s show will focus on Optimism and Chronic Illness. Here are some links I mention in the show, in case you weren’t able to catch them and the outline of what we will be discussing. The Power of Attitude: American AutoimmuneContinue Reading

Thankful through Trials

People are often taken aback when I say that I am thankful for my illness.  There are many reasons that I feel that my MS diagnosis has been a blessing for me and my family.  I would have probably never slowed down and lived for the moment if not for MS.  I would not haveContinue Reading

Invisible Tuesday

Some of you know that I host a MomTV show on Wednesdays (at 1pm EST) called The Invisibles. The show focuses on living well with chronic/invisible illness.  To help my listeners and to educate my readers, I am going to start posting on the same topic that my show will focus on each week onContinue Reading

Multi Tasking Mama Updates

Have some housekeeping and announcements to make at the start of this fine week! First, we have two winners of the Susan G. Komen Commemorative journals, donated by Energizer.  According to, our eligible winners are Lemonade Making Mama and Muthering Heights.  Please contact me here within 72 hours to claim your prize and provideContinue Reading

Do you believe in miracles?

So, many of you may have read my post here about my horrific bout with hives.  Those same hives (combined with passing out, hitting my head and my MS) landed me in the hospital Wednesday and Thursday. I’m not a big fan of hospitals and it did not escape me (or my poor worried hubby)Continue Reading

You need to have been there…

I was hesitant to write this post because it is about a very polarizing issue.  My opinion (and I acknowledge that is all it is) differs greatly from most of my friends and my readers.  However, my personal experience (which is what I am going to share) is relevant to the issue.  What is theContinue Reading