Family Friday- Baking Day

My boys are growing up so fast!  Matt, our youngest, turned 12 last week!  Yes, twelve!  Unbelievable! As time goes by so quickly, I find that I have to be purposeful about finding activities and things to do with the boys for quality "mama/son" time.  There are so many external things vying for their attention at this age (friends, sports, technology and more). So, today (and Monday) the boys are off of school for some type of EXTENDED Columbus day celebration...all week I have been thinking of things we could do together that would be fun. Here is what is on the agenda (as well as prepare for Matt's birthday party tomorrow, let Jared go on a haunted trail tour with his "girlfriend" and her family and visit with Jason on Sunday after church): Decorate the house for … [Read more...]

Menu Plan Monday

Gotta love menu planning!  It makes my life so much easier! Sunday- Turkey Chili, cornbread Monday- BLT's, homemade veggie soup Tuesday- Meatball Subs, sweet potato fries Wednesday- Turkey Burgers, tomato/cucumber salad Thursday- Ham/Swiss Casserole, whole wheat beer bread Friday- Turkey breast, mashed potatoes, green beans Saturday- eat out Link your menu here and here. … [Read more...]

Dr. Phil says I’m a good mom…

and other random things about moi.  First of all, I tuned into the Dr. Phil show today (as I usually do but today had a reason other than I looove Dr. Phil) to catch my friend, Kadi Prescott.  She was a guest, along with her adorable daughter talking about tween issues.  So, anyway there was another little girl on the show asking Dr. Phil to help her talk her mom into allowing her to get a Facebook account.  This little girl is only ten years old and I completely agree with Dr. Phil that she is too young to have a Facebook page. Better yet, Dr. Phil continued on to say that when kids do get a Facebook page their parents should be closely monitoring the page, the messages, etc. because the internet is just not a safe place for a child to be unsupervised.  And the best part- my 13 (and he … [Read more...]

Educating Ourselves for our Kids

School is back in session.  I have two middle schoolers this year and Jason is in the 11th grade at a school for kids with special needs.  The middle school boys are both in honors classes and come home with a ridiculous amount of homework!  Matt still struggles with staying organized (his definition and mine vary greatly).  The extra-curricular activities including math club, Lego NXT club, and chess club all start next week for Matt.  Jared will be trying out for the basketball team again this year.  Throw in youth group on Wednesday nights and we are pretty much on the go every evening. Each season of parenting presents new challenges and questions that arise.  I have used the internet to find answers to many of my "is this normal for this age" and "how can I get my child to do xyz" … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday- The $5000 smile

No more braces=happy teen! For more Wordless/Wordful Wednesday's visit here, here and here. … [Read more...]

Not Me Monday- my crazy week edition

I have had a Crazy week with a capital "C".  I thought that the style of denial (the Not Me Monday way)would be the best way to go to share it with you guys, to keep me laughing instead of crying....anyway, here we go... I did NOT make a last minute 8 hour trip (each way) to pick up my brother and nephew the day before vacation.  I am NOT incapable of saying "no" when my family needs something NOR did I turn the adventure into a girl's road trip with my friend Rebecca- just for the fun of it.  I do NOT enjoy being away from my family every once in a while and sleeping in Red Roof Inns in the butt crack of Ohio at 3:30am.  Nope, not me. On said road trip, I did NOT sleep through the alarm at the Red Roof Inn, putting us two hours behind our already ridiculous tight schedule.  Nope, not … [Read more...]

Wifey Wednesday- Kids and dads

  Oh, so good to be back for Wifey Wednesdays, hosted by Sheila at To Love, Honor and Vacuum.  Today's topic is about getting your husband involved with child rearing.  It pains my heart to know that many women have difficulty getting their husbands to actively participate in their kid's lives.  I think we have set up this dynamic with the busyness in our current society and the emphasis on "stuff" versus relationship.  Men who feel pressured to "keep up with the Joneses" are typically absent from the home at the crucial times for developing and maintaining relationships with the kids- meal times.  Studies show that kids who eat dinner with their families get better grades, make better choices with peers and much more. I also think that sometimes we as mama's, particularly those of us … [Read more...]

The Modern Day Titus 2 Woman

~This is the message I delivered this morning at my church as part of the Mother's Day Program. I have filled in my notes with the best recollection of what I said LOL. I hope it speaks to all the mom's out there to remember that we have an obligation to be there for other moms. Happy Mother's Day to all my readers :-)I. If I wasn’t a mom I wouldn’t be up here today. Not because it is Mother's day and that's the only time we ladies get to speak but b/c I was saved and introduced to the God I serve today as a direct result of becoming a mom at a very young age. I stand here, despite the circumstances and poor decisions that led me to becoming pregnant at 16 and having two children by 18, confident in the fact that Romans 8:28 applies to me, too and God still knew me, chose me, loves me … [Read more...]

So Different, Yet Friends

One is blond, the other has jet dark hair. One has braces, the other glasses. One is athletic, the other looks for ways to avoid physical activity. One is shy, the other outspoken. One is popular, the other doesn’t want to be popular. One is organized, the other is disheveled. Yet, they are friends.Have you ever wondered how you can give birth to two humans (only 16 months apart from each other) and they can be so completely different? Jared is going out for the basketball team and has played some type of organized sport since he was in kindergarten. Matt just joined the chess club and for the first Halloween in five years, he is going to be something other than Darth Vader (he is going to be Yoda).Jared is an overachiever. He is upset if he gets a grade below an “A” (I have no … [Read more...]

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