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Multitasking Musings

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

I am excited to participate in Carissa’s meme.  I have been reading her posts forever and decided this is a great way to ramble on update y’all on the goings on in the Smallwood house.

  1. We are all having the best time loving on Sweet Pea.  She had her two week check-up today and is already 7lbs 12oz (up from 6lbs 9oz at birth and at last visit}!  She is a good eater for sure and has everyone here wrapped around her adorable baby fingers!   

2.  Jared is completely overwhelmed by the amount of homework 9th grade honors classes require…and the hubby and I think it is hilarious {particularly since we warned him before school started that high school would be different}  Matt is doing well in his last year of middle school and will turn *gasp* thirteen this coming Sunday!  Where does the time go?  They are both so sweet with little Sweet Pea and their relationship with Miss S is very sibling-esque, but also sweet.

3.  I am inserting photos of Sweet Pea adorable-ness just for the heck of it!

4.  We went camping this weekend {Sweet Pea and Miss S were visiting family}.  Our church goes on an annual fall family retreat at a local Salvation Army campground.  We had a great time {as usual} playing board games with friends, listening {and watching} unique talents at the Talent Show and spending quality time as a family.  I was also inspired to write {by the great outdoors} some deep thought type posts.  Keep an eye out this week for those….

the view as I type

5.  I have yet to read a book by Jodi Picoult that I do not absolutely looove.  Just finished House Rules- ah-mazing!

6.  You know a new school year has started when it is time to start selling stuff to your friends and neighbors- ha!  If anyone would like a 2 year subscription to ESPN magazine for $40, I am your girl.

7.  I hesitate to check my email because I am soooo far behind on everything.  So tempted to just delete everything and start over {but my Type A self just won’t have it}.  I will catch up, I will.

8.   So, to wrap up–I am busy loving on Sweet Pea, shaking my head at how fast time flies {hello, my youngest is about to turn 13!!!!!} and being in denial about the state of my in-box. 

What have you been up to lately?

Yes Mom

Geometry- check English 9 honors- check Spanish II- check Mama ready to burst into tears at scheduling her son’s classes for HIGH SCHOOL next year- check Every fiber of my being wants to shout NO to all this growing up stuff.  No to girls that are way too forward, no to Facebook, no to laterContinue Reading

2009 Recap…Meme style

Well, I told my kids that I wouldn’t blog this week, as we are in Florida visiting family together.  However, they have deserted me in favor of spending time with their uncles and grandfather so I was going through my blog reader (492 posts, show-off’s) and came across this fun meme at Musings of a Housewife.  So, to quelchContinue Reading

Say Cheese…

Yes, so I know I said today that I would be posting sporadically and now I’m posting twice in one day- but that is what happens when I take a hot cocoa break from unpacking boxes to check my Google reader…I discover adorable post ideas like this one from the Happy Housewife.  She challenged usContinue Reading

Monday Mingle #3

Courtesy of our host Eighty MPH Mom, here is my Monday Mingle. Have a great week everyone!

I am not a scrooge…

Image via Wikipedia To prove the fact that, despite the absence of a Christmas tree in our home right now, I am not Mrs. Scrooge I decided to swipe this meme from my friend Karie at The Five Fish. Feel free to swipe it yourself, I would love to know your answers =) 1.) HaveContinue Reading

Uniquely You

Today, joining with Laurie from Women Taking a Stand, we are being thankful for uniqueness. I think my readers are painfully aware of the things that make me unique so I thought I would point out some things I am thankful for about the ways the people I love are special to me, because ofContinue Reading

Mustang Sally

Tomorrow my YOUNGEST child will turn twelve!  Officially gone are the days of car seats, double strollers, Happy Meals (although those didn’t occur often), elementary school, and Cub Scouts.  I went through a (rather long but now over) phase period when the boys were smaller that I longed for another baby.  That feeling has passed.Continue Reading

Thankful through the valley

This week, participating in National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness week, I made a conscious effort to not grumble or complain.  That is almost impossible but I did try.  Then I remembered that today would be Thankful Thursday and I could utter (or write, really) the words that very few people understand…I am thankful that IContinue Reading

You may not know..

30 Things About My Invisible Illness You May Not Know 1. The illness I live with is:  multiple sclerosis 2. I was diagnosed with it in the year: January 2008, on my 29th birthday as a matter of fact 3. But I had symptoms since: 2003 4. The biggest adjustment I’ve had to make is: Continue Reading