Kate + 8 Keep the Faith

I feel like America is rubbernecking at the scene of a a very bad accident. You want to turn your head (or turn off the TV) but you find yourself drawn to the gruesome sight before you. Why can I not turn my eyes from this travesty that no one should witness but a family? Because it hits so close to home! When my kids and I started watching Jon and Kate +8 years ago, one of the reasons I was drawn to the show was because the parents shared a deep devotion to their faith, my faith.  While we did not have multiple kids in common, we shared a belief system.  Wholesome TV. Fast forward a few years and it is so obvious that the enemy has had his way with this marriage.  Not that he needed much of a foothold.  Can you imagine the stress of raising eight kids, six of which are sextuplets?  … [Read more...]

Wifey Wednesday- Peace Maker?

    Today, Sheila from To Love, Honor and Vacuum brought up the question, does your husband provide you peace?  In our case the answer is usually yes!  There is no one that can calm me down faster than Mike, and those that know me in real life know that I tend to be a crazy woman little highstrung.  When I am upset about something, from a little thing like not liking a new haircut to a major thing like bad news from the doctor, I automatically reach for my phone and call my hubby.  Good news, bad news or just to get a pick me up, he is the one I want to talk to.  His arms around me can ground me faster than anything else. I have a close and personal relationship with the Lord!  I go to Him with all these things too.  And I truly believe that he sent Mike into my life to be my peace … [Read more...]

In Sickness and in Health

12 years ago today I said "I do".   To be honest, I wasn't quite sure what marriage (healthy marriage) that is would look like for me.  I knew that I loved this guy, more than I had ever allowed myself to love anyone.  I knew that we wanted the same things from life and that he was a great father to my baby and the little one we had on the way.  But, a part of me wasn't getting my hopes up.  I had seen plenty of disappointment and plenty of betrayal in my eighteen years so a part of me was wondering why I was setting myself up for a world of hurt down the road. Praise the Lord, he knew what was best for me, even before I did!  To paraphrase Psalm 113, He raised me from the ash heap and seated me with my prince and settled me in our home as the happy mother of children. Mike and I have … [Read more...]

Wifey Wednesday- what color are your glasses?

Today's topic for Wifey Wednesdsays is a great one.  What lens do you look at your hubby through?  Sheila, from To Love, Honor and Vacuum mentions the Father lens, the bad relationship lens, the Pathetic Man lens, The He's Always Right lens, The My kids are my Main Concern right now lens and the Men are Evil University lens.  When I started to think about the lens I viewed my hubby through (and still do when I am in the flesh) I immediately thought of the Kelly Clarkson song, Miss Independent. See, I grew up in a house with a very domineering and controlling father.  So, I became determined at a very young age that NO ONE was going to tell me what to do, especially not a man.  Whenever Mike made a suggestion of how we should handle a situation (whether he was right or not) I would … [Read more...]

Finer Things Friday- Family Time

I have enjoyed reading this meme over at Amy's Finer Things for a few weeks and this week I decided to jump in and participate in Finer Things Friday.  Head on over to learn about the meme and share the finer things you enjoy! My hubby took off last week for our houseboat vacation.  We enjoyed our time together- lounging, fishing, reading and watching the kids swim.  Then when we came home last weekend my health started to respond to the stress from recent events and the heat. In addition to that, we needed to transport Jason from the facility in PA to one closer to home.  So, my sweet hubby took another week off.  That is a finer thing. Mike is a wonderful husband and provider.  He often worries about our finances (when he forgets that God is in control) so for him to take an unpaid … [Read more...]

Wifey Wednesday- Kids and dads

  Oh, so good to be back for Wifey Wednesdays, hosted by Sheila at To Love, Honor and Vacuum.  Today's topic is about getting your husband involved with child rearing.  It pains my heart to know that many women have difficulty getting their husbands to actively participate in their kid's lives.  I think we have set up this dynamic with the busyness in our current society and the emphasis on "stuff" versus relationship.  Men who feel pressured to "keep up with the Joneses" are typically absent from the home at the crucial times for developing and maintaining relationships with the kids- meal times.  Studies show that kids who eat dinner with their families get better grades, make better choices with peers and much more. I also think that sometimes we as mama's, particularly those of us … [Read more...]

Wifey Wednesday- Two become One

Great topic over at To Love, Honor and Vacuum's meme today. I am happy to report that I do feel "one" with my hubby more often than not these days. However, while I agree with the biblical view that we become one when we are joined in marriage, I also agree with Sheila that it can take us a while to feel that oneness. That was certainly the case with Mike and I.Getting married, adjusting to new roles, learning about each other, learning to set aside selfishness (which I don't think any of us fully learn because we are human) and put the other's needs first- all of that takes time. Having God as a partner in your marriage certainly makes this process possible and achievable but it still requires effort and surrender on the part of both parties.Mike and I are much more one, in a lot of … [Read more...]

Wifey Wednesday- Dating your Spouse

Today's topic for Wifey Wednesday is dating your spouse (inexpensively, I might add). This is a fun topic because the hubby and I have been dating each other throughout our marriage- and I think it is one of the things that has kept us connected and in love through difficult times!We are supposed to list some fun and inexpensive date ideas so I will tell you some of the things hubby and I have done in the past (some of the more active dates I am unable to do anymore but we have the memories)*Walk or bike the C & O Canal*Ride his motorcycle on nice days*Window shop at flea markets (okay, I usually buy something. I can't pass up a good bargain :-)*Go to the library*Get coffee at a coffee shop and go to a local park*Fly a kite (yes, we are cheesy)*Make dinner together at home when the kids … [Read more...]

Wifey Wednesday- Is That all He thinks about?

For more Wifey Wednesday wisdom, check out Sheila's blog at To Love, Honor and Vacuum.Today's topic is entitled Is That All He Thinks About? The answer to that question is mostly, yeah. A study cited by the Kinsey Institute (a research center about all things sexual) states that 54% of men think about sex everyday or several times a day, 43% a few times per month or a few times per week, and 4% less than once a month (Laumann, Gagnon, Michael, Michaels, 1994). . This probably will not come as a surprise but this is compared to only 19% of women.This topic reminds me of a marriage conference my husband and I attended last year. The speakers were the Farrell's, a couple that have written several books on marriage. The book that the hubby and I related to the most is entitled Men are … [Read more...]

Wifey Wednesday- How to Awaken Love…

I am really excited and honored to participate in this meme, sponsored by Sheila at To Love, Honor and Vacuum. If you have never visited her blog I encourage you to do so for a refreshing look at living everyday life from a biblical perspective. You can visit her blog here and be sure to join in the Wifey Wednesday fun!Today's topic is how to awaken love. Now, come on gals, admit it. At one time or another (or most of the time) we have all lost that lovin' feelin' as the old song says. It is bound to happen, particularly when the demands of life leave you tired, cranky and irritable (or is it hormones that leave us feeling that way?). I didn't have a healthy view of sex when I got married. I was sexually abused as a child and that left me hesitant to let myself be emotionally … [Read more...]

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