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From clutter to clarity

I wrote about clutter and how to identify (and avoid) it. Oft lately, my mind and heart ponder a different type of clutter. The clutter of busyness.  The clutter of doing.  The clutter that accumulates when you are not weeding out the good to make room for God’s best. Isn’t it funny how we canContinue Reading

Quality Time

The hubby and I are back from celebrating my birthday weekend in one of my favorite cities, Baltimore. I am a Maryland girl and few things make me happier than the Chesapeake Bay We spent an afternoon at the Baltimore Museum of Art {one of the top ten museums in the country!}. I could goContinue Reading

Marriage as a testimony

{an edited post from the archives as I spend Christmas break with my family} “I am going to take the boys and pick up Sweet Pea.  See you when you get home.  Drive careful“. His lips brushed my forehead and he headed out of the lodge with our three sons in tow.  All four ofContinue Reading

Focus on the Good

I have friends going through difficult times.  Some friends are single and healing from past hurts.  Some are dealing with the aftermath of divorce.  Some are struggling to stay married. I pray for marriage everyday.  My marriage, my children’s future spouses, my friends marriages and marriage in general.  God designed this special union to illustrateContinue Reading

God’s Country

Tucked in the foothills of Tennessee is a little inn. The rooms are cozy The view breathtaking It is the perfect place for relaxation, rejuvenation and reconnecting with the hubby. A weekend away in Gatlinburg, TN is exactly what this mama needed! And the counting of gifts continues {321-330}: ~ A God that created theContinue Reading

Miscellaneous Melissa

Remember when I said I wouldn’t fall behind on posting for Toni’s 30 day challenge? Ahem…yeah. So, anyway here I am playing catch up again {days 15-22}.  Bear with me, mmmk? Day 15: Show your dream home If this question had been posed three years ago, my dream would have materialized quite differently.  However, sinceContinue Reading

Yes! This!

“Let me tell you something, Church. The term marriage has been tainted, scarred, and made a mockery of by the adulteress who willingly accepts a man from a troubled marriage. Marriage has been burnt alive by porn addiction and selfish husbands. Marriage has been destroyed by unforgiving wives and a blatant unwillingness by both partiesContinue Reading

Where does time go?

Today is August 1st.  Am I the only one wondering how in the world that is possible? August brings back to school preparation, an eBook launch, Jason going to MEPS for the National Guard, Miss S and Sweet Pea {and almost 30 other teen mama’s + babies} going to YoungLives camp without me and anotherContinue Reading

Growing in your marriage

  She needed to be a brunette.  The bride-on-the-wedding-cake-topper-thingy, that is. Fourteen years ago, finding a brunette {because I am not blonde} cake-topper bride was a huge priority in my life.  On the eve of making the biggest commitment of my life. Thankfully, my grandparents rose to the challenge and scoured stores in the four-stateContinue Reading

The Dating Game

God designed the relationship between a man and a woman to be a life long commitment.  In our home, we do not believe that the culture of serial dating reflects God’s plan for marriage and sex. You can read the rest of my thoughts on this subject at the M.O.B Society today.