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Strollers and highchairs and camp, oh my!

If you have been reading here for long at all, you know that being a teen mom is a major part of my testimony and serving teen moms is a personal passion the Lord has laid on my heart.

Today, 20+ teen mama’s that I love are headed to have the time of their lives at YoungLives camp in Glen Spey, New York.  Overall, more than 200 teen moms from around the East Coast will converge on this camp for fun, fellowship and to learn about the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

As in years past I am not able to join them {God shuts that door every.stinkin.year :(  My hubby says it is to protect my health but I would rather be on that bus right now than anywhere else} but my thoughts and prayers, as well as my heart, are on the way to camp with these precious girls.

Strollers waiting for the teen moms and babies to arrive at camp

I am praying circles around this week.  Will you join me?  Here are specific ways you can pray:

  • Pray that the girls will survive without their cell phones for a week {for some, giving up their phone made them almost not come!}
  • Pray that God is preparing each heart for the special ways He wants to speak into their lives
  • Pray that all the babies and pregnant mama’s stay healthy {thankfully there are doctors on staff at camp but we would rather not have to use them}
  • Pray for the leaders, junior leaders and childcare workers who will be having an amazing yet exhausting week!
  • Pray for safe travels there and back {for our girls it is a 5-6 hour trip each way}
  • Pray for God to bless all those that donated to help us raise the $21,000 it costs to make this trip each year!
  • Pray for the camp staff, speakers and worship leaders- may God use them to pour His Spirit on the whole group!

Have you ever seen so many highchairs at once?

You can also pray for my daughter, Shayla.  She is going to camp as a junior leader this year!  Leaders have to leave their babies at home so Sweet Pea is here with Mimi and Papa {aka me and my hubby}.  Pray that Shayla isn’t too homesick for her baby and can focus on pouring love and Jesus into the girls in her group!

Shayla and Sweet Pea

I am trusting God for huge things this week.  Last year, 17 girls accepted Christ from our group at camp.  I can’t wait to know I will be sharing Heaven with even more when they get back next Friday.

For more information about YoungLives, visit our website.



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