Our Love Story {not quite what you would expect}

Happy Valentine's Day!  Whether you are married or single, I think this commercial holiday can be a good excuse to thank God for the people He has placed in your life to love- be it friends, children, a spouse and those He has called you to serve.  Please know that I love and pray for each of you that take time to come this little space on the internet. I thought it would be fun to participate in this little link-up going around the web about love stories.  Mike and I have a backwards love story that has been redeemed by God and brought together for His purposes in wonderful ways (Romans 8:28).  I would love to hear your story in the comments.  And, if you are waiting on God to bring you the person He has designed for you to spend life with, please let me know in the comments so that I … [Read more...]

From clutter to clarity

I wrote about clutter and how to identify (and avoid) it. Oft lately, my mind and heart ponder a different type of clutter. The clutter of busyness.  The clutter of doing.  The clutter that accumulates when you are not weeding out the good to make room for God's best. Isn't it funny how we can be the worst at taking the advice we so freely give? When life is hectic and the soul is parched, Living Water is the only thirst quencher. Today I am thankful for the clarity and comfort that comes from spending time in the Word and with the Author. and the counting of gifts continues... {excerpts from my Joy Dare/gratitude journal} ~ an impromptu dinner with just my youngest ~  transitioning Sweet Pea to the sippy cup ~  dark denim boot cut jeans {that fit} ~  first words in a new … [Read more...]

Simply the best

Often times I wonder if my children know how blessed they are to have a dad that loves deep, expects much, plays hard, prays harder. A dad that protects, serves, plans and guides. A dad that doesn't give up, a dad that rejoices in the goodness of the Lord. I know how blessed they are.  How blessed I am to walk through this parenting journey with him. Mike, you are an incredible dad and I don't tell you enough how blessed we are to have you as our leader in our crazy, chaotic home.  Thank you for pointing us to the Father through your actions and words.  We love you! and the counting of gifts continues ~  spending Father's Day with my dad, a true miracle ~  the smile that didn't leave Jason's face during his graduation ceremony ~  happy tears ~  iPod with worship music for a long … [Read more...]

10 Things I love about my hubby <3

It is my tell it like it is day and I couldn’t think of a better topic to rave about then my hubby, Mike. He has been my rock lately and I am eternally grateful God brought him into my life thirteen years ago (time flies when you’re having fun:-) So, here are ten things I love about him in no particular order or relevance, really…1. 1. He is incapable of lying without smiling, which is (of course) a dead giveaway.2. 2. He would never admit it but he spoils our dogs and treats them like people.3. 3. He has the capacity to revert back to being a 10 year old boy anytime our boys want to play outside, ride dirtbikes or play football.4. He is the hardest working, most loyal human being I know. And babies love him.5. He is predictable- I know that at 2:05pm EVERY DAY he is going to call and … [Read more...]

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