Peace and Quiet

Thank you all for your prayers.  I had a great time speaking at a local father/daughter banquet last Friday evening and God granted me not just the words but the stamina to deliver them. I am in a place of rest, quiet and peace.  A beautiful place to be, honestly.  Different circumstances would be preferable but I am used to my health being an issue. My liver function is not normal right now.  The doctors are attempting to figure out why and until then {and possibly indefinitely} I am off the medications used to contain and treat both my MS and lupus.  I am very tired and somewhat nauseous...I had a week full of tests and appointments last week and this week looks much the same. People in my everyday life often comment about how "at peace" I am when things like this occur in my … [Read more...]

Is this my kid?

He is his father's child. In possession of the calm-no-matter-the-circumstance sort of way that is stable and solid. His voice on the phone did not even waver as he said "Mama, I can't see anything out of my left eye". I had to ask if he was serious, such normal tone and timbre. He was serious and {after a frantic call to the pediatrician and a speedy drive where this claustrophobic mother parked in a parking garage!!} we spent several hours in the ER yesterday and had a visit to an opthalmologist today and an appointment with a cardiologist in the coming weeks. And through it all, he remained calm.  Even when words like "brain tumor" were being thrown around, all he said was "wow mom.  I hope it's not that". And me {aka the high strung spaz} was thinking "DUH!"  And asking {several … [Read more...]

The day I didn’t die

Two years ago today I did not die. Two years ago today my husband dialed 911 after I lost consciousness. Two years ago I arrived via ambulance to the emergency room "in a fairly severe amount of physical distress and unresponsive...showing cyanosis peripherally as well as centrally.  Cool to touch and diaphoretic.  Difficulty getting a blood pressure reading on this patient.  Patient reveals a thready, spotty pulse, decreased capillary refill.  Digits are cold"... {taken from the medical records of my hospitalization} Two years ago, despite my medical situation {pulmonary emboli}, I did not die. Did I get lucky? No. Did God love me more than someone else who passed on that day? No. Was it my time? No. Ever since that day, my life has been different.  I have appreciated my … [Read more...]

Silent Inflammation- Interview with Dr. Sears

Yesterday, I had the privilege to interview Dr. Barry Sears (MD), author of several books including New York Times bestseller, The Zone.    As someone that lives with autoimmune diseases (multiple sclerosis and systemic lupus), which have been linked to chronic inflammation, I had a lot of questions for the doctor and looked forward to hearing his perspective.  Other common illnesses with a connection to chronic inflammation are diabetes, heart disease and cancer. I started by thanking Dr. Sears for voicing the theory that the mantra of "eat less, exercise more" does not work for everyone when it comes to weight loss and living a healthier lifestyle.  Instead, Dr. Sears believes that an anti-inflammatory diet is the key to being healthy. He talked about the cultural attitude that those … [Read more...]

Taking care of the Dads in our lives

When I met my husband, he was underweight.  I mean he weighed less than I do now by about 30 pounds underweight and he was 6'2".  After we had been dating for a few months, I felt like our relationship was established enough to suggest that he go to the doctor.  He said, "I don't have one".  At twenty-three, he hadn't been to the doctor since he was a child. And at twenty-three you feel kinda awkward going to the pediatrician. I found the man a doctor and he was diagnosed with a bleeding ulcer.  Antibiotics, antacids and changes in diet and how he handled stress made him better and within six months he gained 30 pounds and stopped looking emaciated. You would think that would be enough of a personal success story to make my hubby a believer in seeing the doctor regularly.  … [Read more...]

Healthy Family, Healthy Meals

Ever since my diagnosis of MS in January 2008, our family has been on a journey toward healthier living.  That journey got a jumpstart last week when I watched a movie called Food Inc.  I have since shown it to my hubby and the boys and they are on board with revamping the food we eat- I, at least, want to know where that food comes from! We were already eating whole grains, had cut back drastically on sugar and cut back on red meat.  After watching that movie and doing some research of my own, we have decided to go organic and buy our meat and veggies from local farmers.  We are concerned with how this will affect our food budget.  As most of my readers know I pride myself on feeding our family with a $350/month food budget.  That is accomplished by a lot of couponing, shopping sales … [Read more...]

Steps toward a natural lifestyle

Image via Wikipedia I haven't liked getting my hands dirty since I was a little girl.  Gardening? Yuck!  I even mix meatloaf with a spoon.  Up until recently, I didn't like to get anything under my french manicured nails (did you know all the chemicals in acrylic nails?  I do now and haven't had them on in four months). In 2008 things changed.  I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and nearly lost my life to a pulmonary embolism (that turned out to be related to a clotting disorder and systemic lupus). I started looking at life and health a lot differently.  I discovered that I was deficient in several (important) vitamins and minerals.  In order to live my best life and insure that I am around to watch my kids grow up, I needed to change the way I viewed the world. I started reading … [Read more...]

Mamavation Monday

Last week, I had my friend Katie guest post about her campaign to be one of the mamavation moms and I am happy to report that she won!!!!! Congrats to her.  She really put in a lot of time and effort and I am very proud of her. But, back to my weight loss/get healthier journey: I have lost 2.6 lbs in the last week! I have walked everyday (even in the rain, I have a pretty umbrella) I am drinking water like it is fine wine! What I want to add this week: Add in a workout video at least twice a week (and do workout video when children are not home so that I do not get made fun of during double time on Tae Bo) I'm sensitive (ha!) Think I can do it?  We shall see! For more Mamavation motivation, check out … [Read more...]

Exercise for Life

admit it, I am not a fan of exercise. I am a girlie girl and sweating is not one of my favorite things to do. I also deal with chronic pain issues related to MS and fatigue and suffice it to say, I have plenty of excuses to not exercise. But, I also know the benefits of exercising. The word exercise comes from a Latin root, meaning “to maintain, to keep, to ward off”. I teach a class for seniors about maintaining their brain in order to “ward off” memory loss. Exercise has benefits for your brain’s health, not just your physical health. When you have a neurological disorder, such as multiple sclerosis, you are naturally interested in anything that benefits the health of your brain. When you exercise your brain releases endorphins- which are feel good chemicals. So, not only is … [Read more...]

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