Relationship Restoration

I just got off the phone with my dad. We talked about my brothers, his work, my family and church stuff.  We just chatted about anything and everything. So?  You talked to your dad on the phone.  Whoopie, right? Well, it is a big deal.  A miracle of God's restorative power kind of big deal. Until February of last year, my dad and I had not spoken in thirteen years. And every time we speak since I am amazed at what God can do when we choose to forgive and allow relationships to be restored. (Do I think that every relationship needs to be restored for true forgiveness to take place? No and my friend Brooke does a beautiful job of talking about that in greater detail here) Back in the fall of 2008, while I was recovering from the medical emergency that nearly took my life, I was … [Read more...]

Spirituality and Teens- The “churches” job or ours?

My boys love going to youth group at church.  They look forward to it, they are upset if we have to miss (because they have strep throat, for instance) and even tell their friends how much fun they have at church. I love that they feel this way about going to church on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings. We discuss what they are learning on the way home and I am amazed (and sometimes amused) by what they have taken away from the lesson. A few weeks ago I found myself a bit frustrated because the boys had gotten in the car for a few groups in a row with nothing concrete to share.  Questions like "what are they doing down there?", "don't they have a plan?" came out of my mouth.  Critical, unkind and judgmental words. Great example, mama. I was quickly convicted that my … [Read more...]

Feeling Loved

I came across this old blog post of mine (circa 1/6/09) from a blog I don't have anymore and thought the post beared repeating. Sometimes the biggest obstacle to me feeling loved is ME. I'm a smart gal.  I know intellectually that God loves me, all my sins have been forgiven and have even been cast into the sea of forgetfulness- wait.  That's the problem.  I need a sea of forgetfulness for myself. Do you ever do that?  Beat yourself up for things you did, mistakes you made a looong time ago that really bear no resemblance to the choices you make today? I can't be the only one... In my teenage years I was a rebellious, bitter girl.  I had every "right" to be angry, according to the world. Thankfully God got ahold of me when I was 19 and I have been His ever since.  Yet all this time later … [Read more...]

What is this blog for anyway?

Image by frances1972 via Flickr I arrived home from Blissdom with a heavy heart. Mind you, I had a fabulous time (with a capital F) and learned a lot. I also realized that I had strayed from my passions- the passions that led me to start this blog in the first place almost two years ago.  I have been working on shifting my focus back to sharing life from my heart with my readers.  (All my product reviews, giveaways, professional organizing advice, etc. will be on my professional organizing site starting March 1st.) I blog about life. Life as an adoptive mom of a child with severe emotional and behavioral issues, life as a mama of all boys, life as a mama of all tween/teen boys, life as a wife, life with multiple sclerosis and lupus, life as a former foster child, high school drop out … [Read more...]

Expect the Unexpected

Today for Thankful Thursday, our host Lynne chose the theme of being thankful for the unexpected. Ha! That could be the theme of my life so I decided to do a little time line post of how God took the unexpected (to me, not to Him) and worked it for good in my life. Time in foster care When I was a tween girl my family imploded.  The result was myself (and eventually my brothers) being removed from our home for a time.  While I am fortunate that my time in foster care  was not long term (about a year and then I went to live with my grandparents) I am thankful for it now.  It softened my heart and created a passion in me for orphans and foster children to have forever families. Teen pregnancy While it can be argued that pregnancy should not have surprised me, given my promiscuous … [Read more...]

What if?

What if….I woke up in the morning looking for ways to serve, rather than be served? What if….I woke up and rather than looking at the calendar, asked “what’s on the agenda today, Lord? What if….I was always on the watch for ways to be a friend to people I do not yet know? What if….I treated my body like the holy temple it is, would my health and mood improve? What if….I spent less time worrying about “religion” and more time showing others the Way? What if….I got out of the way and allowed God to use me with no strings attached? What if….I looked at others through God’s eyes rather than through my dirty glasses? What if….I turned off my laptop every time my kids come through the door? What if….I treated my husband with the same affection I give my new puppy? What if….I didn’t care what … [Read more...]

Walking in Obedience

I will cry to God Most High, Who performs on my behalf and rewards me- Who brings to pass His purposes for me and surely completes them. Psalm 57:2This verse is yet another promise from God that He has everything under control, is working my circumstances toward good and His glory and will complete the purpose He has me here for is His time. So, why in the world do I feel like I am floundering sometimes? Why do I feel like I must be missing my calling or not hearing God? How can what God is calling me to do be to not do much? That goes against - oh, yeah- it goes against my perfectionistic, overaccomplishing, driven, ambitious FLESH!! Right now, sitting here, only allowed to drive locally, not able to handle the hectic schedule I was juggling prior to my hospitalization, I am at … [Read more...]

Stand and still Stand

No one promises a life free of pain and suffering to those that believe in God, and if they do they are not preaching from a Biblical perspective. Sometimes it is so difficult to understand why bad things happen to good people. Why does God allow yucky things in our lives? The book of James talks a lot about trials, temptations and suffering and one of my favorite verses about that is James 5:8- “Be patient and stand firm”…Life hands us knock down punches sometimes, often unexpected. I have been dealt some of those myself, for sure. But, what I have seen what God has revealed to me is that not expecting the knock down punches is what the Devil counts on. As Christians, we should be expecting these attacks and should call them what they are- the enemy’s pathetic attempts to distract … [Read more...]

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