You’ve Got This, Mama

My monthly post for The MOB {Mothers of Boys} Society is up over there.  I wrote about a difficult topic but one that many of us mama's have or will face.  Would love you to join me there today!   … [Read more...]

Introducing my heroes {a God-sized Dreams post}

They choose life. We choose them. YoungLives offers unconditional love to teenage parents. By coming alongside and accepting them wherever they are in their parenting journey, seeds of hope are planted. YoungLives provides a Christian mentor for each mama in the program.  A been-there-done-that type of friend.  One that listens without passing judgment.  A friend that loves at all times. YoungLives is about fun too! After all, these precious girls aren't just moms.  They're teenagers too! I could tell you story after story of how God has reached down and touched hearts through this ministry in the last few years but I think I'll let the pictures do the talking. Lives changed.  Generations impacted. All for Christ. That's what YoungLives is all about. I have … [Read more...]

Motherhood led me back to Jesus

Mother's Day is the best day to wrap up my series on giving up on God.  Click to read part one and part two. The bitterness and apathy that had taken up residence in my heart materialized in ugly ways.  Drugs, promiscuity, callous behavior towards those that loved me the most...the saying "hurt people hurt people" couldn't be more true. And, then at sixteen, two lines appeared on the pregnancy test.                        photo credit I was alone in a cramped bathroom stall scared beyond anything I had experienced before. There was life growing inside of me. At first I pretended not to care.  I would fix the problem.  Have an abortion, pretend that this had never happened. When I look at my Jared and think that I thought of him as a problem or a mistake, my heart beats … [Read more...]

Miscellaneous Melissa

Remember when I said I wouldn't fall behind on posting for Toni's 30 day challenge? Ahem...yeah. So, anyway here I am playing catch up again {days 15-22}.  Bear with me, mmmk? Day 15: Show your dream home If this question had been posed three years ago, my dream would have materialized quite differently.  However, since reading Radical and going on a journey with God {as a family} our view of our future and our desires for that future have changed.  No longer do I want to move to the mountains to a log cabin with my hubby.  I don't need granite counter tops or hardwood floors {although I'm not opposed to either}. In fact, we made the decision to downsize in December 2009 to a house half the size with a lot an eighth of the size and have not regretted it {except for the days I long … [Read more...]

The bitter and the sweet

  Mother's Day is bittersweet for me. The bitter comes from the past, bleeding through to the present.  The delicate relationship with my own mother, the splinters of expectation  always make the day harder than it should be. I avoid the card aisle.  There are plenty of words, heart-felt and good, that I want to share with my mom but none of them are expressed in the flowery language of the traditional greeting card. {Can someone create a line of greeting cards for the dysfunctional families? For those of us that didn't live with mom our entire childhood?  for those whose needs their mom was not equipped to meet? For those of us that love our moms with a ferocious love, nonetheless, that few understand? One could make a fortune, I tell you.} A phone call confirms that I will not … [Read more...]

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