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When you dare to dream

It’s been a year since I hit publish on my first God-sized dreams post.  I was tickled simply to be part of Holley Gerth’s group of 100 God sized dreamers. I never imagined that my involvement in the project would have a profound, dramatic impact on my life. But, God knew.

That is the truly amazing thing about dreaming God sized dreams.  Even though they may seem impossible to us, NOTHING is impossible to God.


Holley created a safe place for us to dream. I have 99 sisters in Christ that pray for me, encourage me and hold me accountable.  Even though the God sized dream project has been over since the summer, none of us could walk away. A sisterhood has developed that will last for eternity.  It’s a God thing!

One of the biggest things I learned through our time together {and reading Holley’s book, You’re Made for a God sized Dream} is that it’s okay to dream. It’s okay to have wants and desires and God wants to grant them to you.  For some reason, I had believed the lie that God wasn’t interested in the details of my life, just in how I could serve Him or do things for Him.  When I started praying in January for my God sized dreams, I included the one desire of my heart that I felt was selfish- my desire to move to Florida to be closer to my brothers.

I had been praying for that move to occur since 2009 and my husband had softened over time from “no way, no how” to “when the kids move out we will talk about it” to “we will move in 2015 when Matt graduates from high school”.  Friends, I poured my heart out to God and relinquished my dream to Him. God worked a miracle in my husband’s heart and in our circumstances. I type this one year later in my Florida living room.  God is stinkin’ awesome!

It took me most of this year to get back to my other God sized dream. To use my words and my experiences to reach others for God’s glory.  I tend to not want to do anything unless I can do it “perfectly” but God spoke to my heart the other day {while shopping at Kohl’s of all times} that the time is now.  Stop making excuses and do what He has called me to do. He can take care of the details.


Let me introduce you to my God sized dream project- Teen Mom 365.  Those of you that know me know that being a teen mom is a major part of my testimony and that I worked in full time ministry to teen moms for 3 years, alongside my best friend and soul sister.  I got burnt out on the ministry aspect {fundraising, politics, judgmental Christians} and walked away for a while.  But, oh how I miss my connection with the moms.  I miss seeing raw potential be worked like Playdough in the hands of the Potter.  My prayer is that this devotional site will touch one teem mom a day- that God will bring one mom to the site that needed to hear exactly what is published in that space. I know He can do it- I’ve seen it time and again.

I covet your prayers for endurance {writing every day for a year is quite the commitment} and for God to send moms there that need to feel accepted and loved.

In closing, I encourage you to dream with God.  Ask Him what He sees when He looks at you- He is faithful to answer and the journey with Him on the way to your God sized dream is one you don’t want to miss.


PS- my God sized dreaming sisters are posting their updates over at a brand new site, inspired by our journey, God Sized Dreams. Join me there?



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