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It’s not okay but it is

I am not as strong as people think I am. Why? has become a visceral cry from the deep parts of who I am. David’s cry becomes my own: Be merciful to me, O Lord, for I am in distress; my eyes grow weak with sorrow, my soul and my body with grief.  My lifeContinue Reading

There’s no place like home

There are days when I want nothing more than to curl up on the bench swing bolted to my grandparent’s dock, with a hot cup of tea and the blue fuzzy blanket, and watch the sun come up over the Chesapeake Bay. But, that is not possible right now. There are four teenagers and aContinue Reading

Counting it ALL joy

Since the unexpected occurred last week, I have been purposeful about looking for the joy in all circumstances.  Easier said than done, but once you start counting the blessings, the blessings become more obvious. Context is crucial when looking for the joy in difficult times.  It is difficult to feel sorry for myself when IContinue Reading

Expect the Unexpected

Wednesday morning, I was on a plane traveling to Jasper, GA for five days of seminars and encouragement for YoungLives leaders.  Wednesday night, I was in the ER in Jasper, GA after falling and tearing two {possibly three} ligaments in my knee.  Thursday morning, I was on a plane {to the tune of an extraContinue Reading

The Great Physician

I am not used to good news from the doctor (and when I say doctor I mean any of the dozens of “ologists” I see on a regular basis). This recent liver problem was discouraging to me and the prognosis and outlook were dismal each time it was discussed with any of the “ologists”. BUTContinue Reading

Camped Out

We are a camping family. If you would have told me that statement would ever be true about me when I was younger, I would have belly-laughed. God has a sense of humor and gave this girly girl all boys {for most of her life} so camping has become a family tradition. The boys loveContinue Reading

Glamorizing Teen Pregnancy? or Teaching Opportunity?

“Mom, do something!” These were the frantic words from my twelve year old, Matt, a few weeks ago when a young mom was going through the early phases of labor in our living room {I was her birthing coach}. I can think of no better way for a tween boy to understand the realities ofContinue Reading

The best laid plans

Sometimes we find ourselves asking God “why” and questioning His sovereign timing {or is it just me that does that?} Sometimes we think He got it wrong because what seemed like the best path to our finite minds results in closed doors and confusion. Sometimes we forget that He is God and we are not.Continue Reading

The gift of serving…

Alone time with the hubby is a special thing.  I had grand plans to unwrap that gift this long weekend, as he had extra time off work and our boys are off in different directions. However, God had other plans for how we would spend our time together this weekend.  Rather than a candlelight dinner,Continue Reading

When you mess up in marriage

Sometimes I think that God is bound and determined for me to air every mistake I have ever made on this here blog ‘o mine.  Today the topic for Wifey Wednesday is “When you are the one who blew it”. I have blown it in my marriage.  Many times.  In many ways. I will share withContinue Reading