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May is…for moments and memories and miracles

May is National Foster Care Month.

Our Psalm 68:6 team for the Foster Care Walk on Mother's Day

This thirty one day month contains Mother’s Day as well. A day both bitter and sweet.

Then, there is tomorrow. May 22nd.  The day, sixteen years ago, I physically became a mother.

May brings a mixed bag of feelings to this heart of mine.

  • A desperation to help, heal and hold foster children across the country {and orphans across the world} that need and deserve a mama.
  • A desire to connect with my own mother while understanding relationships take the effort of two.
  • A deep gratitude for the child that saved me from myself. and each amazing, beautiful, unique child God has gifted me with since.
  • A profound sense of surprise at the joy that being a “Mimi” brings.

And, a thrilling heart song of joy that God can take the mess of me and produce beautiful moments, memories and miracles, in the month of May and every other day too.

and the counting of gifts {too long on pause} continues…

~ a comfy corner of the couch, cool spring breeze blowing the curtains toward with sweet tea in hand

~ cute ballet flats

~ old photos of me as a child, smiling, a reminder that there were those moments too, lots of them

~ fireflies, kids playing flashlight tag and hearing their laughter float through the open window

~ Sweet Pea’s sticky hand in mine, babbling away in her little summer dress that shows off her chunky, kissable arms and legs

~ fresh french manicure

~ walking with my family on Mother’s Day for those that want a mama more than anything

~ the Kindle that a dear friend gifted me that I swore I wouldn’t like that makes for very convenient reading {plus all the free downloads!}

~ watching my husband take our daughter for a date and taking note of the miracles that God does in the everyday lives of His people

~ the forgiveness of my family when I fall short, miserably, daily.

What are you thankful for? What does the month of May mean to you?

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