Falling into place

Crisp, cool air. Leaves on the trees hint brilliance and the stroke of the Artist's hand. Flavors and aromas, cinnamon and pumpkin, entice my soul. Fall is my favorite time of year. There is something about the air, the scenery, the smell and taste of autumn that propels me forward from the dog days of summer to whatever God has in store next. This spring and summer have been particularly challenging.  I have lost my focus and sense of direction.  God has been stirring my heart towards clarity and I have been fighting it.  Because sometimes clarity brings change.  Change often means letting things go or {heaven forbid} saying no to good things to make room for God's best. Walking in faith is an ever changing journey.  With seasons, much like autumn and spring, winter and summer, God … [Read more...]

School Daze

We are back in the groove, the school groove that is. Our mornings look something like this: Smack at the alarm clock at 5:30.  As I come out of the room, Jared is getting in the shower and Matt is still snoring in his bed. Take Chloe {the dog} or Sweet Pea {the baby} and put them on Matt's bed to wake him from his slumber. Cook breakfast for hungry boys while nursing my first cup of coffee. Pray over boys as they eat their breakfast. Make sure they haven't forgotten anything {to no avail!  Most mornings I discover something they forgot after they have left.  This morning it was Matt's Spanish II notebook} Hug goodbye as they leave for the bus at 6:25. On a good day, I fill my second cup of coffee and get started on my day.  On a real day, I crawl back under the covers and re-set … [Read more...]

How do you feel about youth group?

This post by Sarah Mae {and the ensuing discussion in the comments} really got me thinking {as most of her posts do} about something that had already been on my mind.  A few weeks ago, during Teen/Tween Thursday I wrote about parental responsibility in our children's spiritual development.  Our role as parents in our children's spiritual and character development has been heavy on my heart for several months.  Recognizing the sense of entitlement that this generation feels scares me.  Reading books like Radical has exposed the yucky truth to me that I have contributed to that sense of entitlement in my own household.  My husband and I have been in prayer about ways to combat this in our home and in our family life.  We have come up with some life changing decisions: One way is that we … [Read more...]

Thankful Thursday- Change

The theme for Thankful Thursday is change, view links to all the posts at Grace Alone.Change has been a theme for me and my family over the past year. The facts about change is that a. it is inevitable and b. most people find it difficult to deal with.Learning and understanding those two facts have really helped us adjust to my limitations, role changes in our family and even the kids entering a new phase- the tween years. So, I am thankful for change. ~I am thankful that no matter what changes God remains the same.~I am thankful that even when change seems like a bad thing, God can make good come out of it.~I am thankful that change can develop character and strenghthen relationships.~I am thankful that change has drawn my family closer together- both my immediate family and my … [Read more...]

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