Finding Your Identity in Christ (Part 1)

**I had the privilege of sharing at my church's monthly ladies brunch on Saturday. I had a rough week leading up to the brunch (hubby out of town for the week, foster care stress, etc) and had planned to just use a talk I already had prepared from my speaking/teaching days but God had other plans. He led me in a different direction, one that spoke right to my heart and my situation. It resonated with the women present on Saturday so I wanted to share the main points here in hopes it will encourage others as well. Enjoy** I rarely have time to watch the morning news but last week I had the news on in the background and a story about a runaway chimpanzee caught my eye. A chimpanzee in China had escaped from the zoo and taken those trying to catch it on a wild chimp chase including … [Read more...]

When Worlds Collide

Many of my blogging friends (or should I say friends that blog?) are participating in 31 days of... the brain child of popular blogger, Nester Smith.  I had every intention of participating via In Be'Tween Moms, even had a cute little graphic made. But real life happened. My husband and I went on a 10 day vacation to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary! Then my daughter got married (I didn't plan those things to happen in such quick succession on purpose!)   Then I had the baby while they were on their honeymoon.  Then we went househunting for their first place.  God allowed a few doors to close so we could find the perfect little house for them. Now, we are packing and painting and planning for their move-in date of November 10th. I also squeezed in a trip to the EWomen … [Read more...]

A reminder to Be Still

Life can rush by at a crazy pace, especially if we take our eyes off eternity. Lisa Chan, wife of one of my favorite authors, Frances Chan, has just released a short inspirational film aptly entitled, Be Still. Sometimes, when I allow myself to get caught up in the busyness of life- the Mom taxi, the never-ending pile of laundry, the homework that requires the parents brains to hurt, the traffic on my way home from work (and on and on and on)- compounded by appointments, obligations, commitments, etc and I want to run away from life. But, I would trip on the pile of shoes in front of the door and probably end up hurting myself, rather than escaping. The enemy loves those moments, when we feel like throwing in the towel.  Because usually it means that we have allowed ourselves to … [Read more...]

What a week {in pictures}

I don't know about you but this week has just plain wore this mama out. Sometimes I get so riled up about things that don't really matter {am I the only one that does that?}  I try to live my life through the lens of eternal significance but get so easily tripped up by the trivial. I love the verse in II Timothy 1:7 that says God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love and of a sound mind. A sound mind. I haven't done a word study to see what the greek word used in this passage is but I imagine that a sound mind is one that is not easily distracted.  A mind that is focused on the things of God, not of the world. A mind that doesn't second-guess or doubt but instead is resolute in it's beliefs and morals.  A mind that doesn't give in to the temptation of worry and … [Read more...]

Trust when the way seems unclear

This coming Monday I start a new job. A full time 9-5 J-O-B. It is the right thing for my family and I have peace about the decision. God hasn't shown me the {full} why of it all quite yet. I like to know the "why", y'all. It is hard for a recovering Type-A like me to not know the plan.  God knows that and I'm pretty sure that controlling, driver's seat tendency I have is one of the main reasons He keeps me in the dark. I covet your prayers during this season.  Full-time ministry took a toll on my family, my priorities and our finances.  It is time to trust that God is in control and all of this is part of the path He has for me. I will still be here. I will still manage In Be'Tween Moms. I will still write monthly here and here. And I will trust that God has all the … [Read more...]

I want a map!

Life is a highway.  Maybe in the song, but the Christian life is more like a back road to me. And I struggle to drive on the back roads.  See, a  highway provides you with mile markers, to let you know how far you've come and how far you have to go.   A highway has exits that help you reach your destination.  A highway has passing lanes to avoid those cars that are slowing you down and shoulders to pull off when there is a heavy rain. When there is a detour on the highway or a busy road, there will often be a truck with flashing lights to guide you through to the end. There is a sign on Interstate 70W in Maryland that tells you how many miles it is to get to far off places, like Colorado.  I always smile when we drive past that sign.  I like knowing where I am headed, what sits off … [Read more...]

Kate + 8 Keep the Faith

I feel like America is rubbernecking at the scene of a a very bad accident. You want to turn your head (or turn off the TV) but you find yourself drawn to the gruesome sight before you. Why can I not turn my eyes from this travesty that no one should witness but a family? Because it hits so close to home! When my kids and I started watching Jon and Kate +8 years ago, one of the reasons I was drawn to the show was because the parents shared a deep devotion to their faith, my faith.  While we did not have multiple kids in common, we shared a belief system.  Wholesome TV. Fast forward a few years and it is so obvious that the enemy has had his way with this marriage.  Not that he needed much of a foothold.  Can you imagine the stress of raising eight kids, six of which are sextuplets?  … [Read more...]

It’s just my disease

Yesterday was a comedy of errors. Most days are for me but my kiddos are home on school break and as Matt so succinctly and sarcastically put it "I'd forgotten how fun it is to hang out with you, Mom". But, even when life gets a little crazy there are things to learn and lessons God is teaching us. I wanted to share those with you today.We started out by going to get our teeth cleaned (regular six month appointment). Now, when I scheduled the appointment for 8:00 on a Monday morning I had forgotten it was on a break. So, the boys were not at all amused at having to get up and out of the house so early while all their Christmas gifts were beckoning for their attention. This was my first cleaning since I am on blood thinners. Suffice it to say, in the interest of not grossing anyone … [Read more...]

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