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As many of you know, I write monthly for The M.O.B Society, a site for moms of boys written by moms of boys. They are hosting a boy mom bloghop this week and I wanted to participate {I look forward to finding some new boy mama's to tweet with and read}. Parenting is one of the greatest joys {and challenges} of my life. And, parenting boys is such a privilege.  Raising men, future husbands and fathers, is a responsibility and an honor.  God has blessed me with three boys {and a daughter}. Allow me to introduce you to my guys: This is Jason, or "J" as I call him.  He turned 19 in March, a week and a half after he graduated as a military police officer for the Army National Guard.  J is a handsome, stubborn, shy young man who unabashedly loves his mama.  He never forgets my birthday, is … [Read more...]

A Mother’s Heart

I love writing at the M.O.B Society (for mother's of boys, by mother's of boys). Here is an excerpt from my latest column, A Mother's Love Builds a Boys Heart: Our children get their emotional cues from us, even when they are in the womb.  They are learning from a young age about conflict and healthy conflict resolution from interactions with us.  How we respond to their dad when we are angry with him, how we talk about a friend who has wronged us, how we react when our boys make a mistake will all shape the way our sons view and handle conflict... Join me there to read the rest? … [Read more...]

A Pat on the Back

We have a special family. Knitted together by God. Shayla became ours when she was 18 and blessed us with the gift of having Sweet Pea in our lives {she is a rowdy and adorable 15 month old right now} Jason was Mike's son from his first marriage but because of abuse and neglect came to live with us in 1999 when he was six years old and I adopted him in 2000. I was pregnant with Jared when Mike and I met.  He was in the delivery room when Jared was born and legally adopted him. Matt was unplanned {never take birth control and antibiotics at the same time} and is the only one that has both my and Mike's blood running through his veins {which we frequently use as the excuse for his stubborn personality} I tell you all of this because I truly believe what the Bible says in Psalm 68:6, … [Read more...]

When Kids Disappoint

My two oldest sons did something not so smart over the weekend. I was disappointed in their behavior.  I was angry at their deception and I was livid that they included a visiting friend in their shenanigans. Thankfully, I refrained from yelling and screaming like my flesh wanted to.  After making sure everyone was safe, I called the mom of the visiting friend and sent him home with Miss S. as the driver and I sent the other two off to bed. I laid in bed {I let the hubby sleep through this because he gets up at 3:30am to drive 1 1/2 hours to work} getting angrier and angrier. Then, I turned to my Father and said, Lord, what do you do with these kids and their mistakes? I had to get out my journal and write down the thoughts He gave me. You love them.  Never in our angriest moment … [Read more...]

TTT- Sibling Rivalry

  Sibling rivalry did not used to be a big issue in our house...I probably should have expected it to be since two of my three boys are 15 months apart.  But, since hitting the double digits and moving into the teen/tween years, there seems to be a constant sense of competition between my kids, particularly the two younger ones. Things quickly escalate around here and twice this week I have had to physically pry them apart. My hubby tries to make me feel better by reassuring me that he and his brothers "beat the snot" out of each other and have managed to have a healthy relationship with each other in adulthood. That does not make my mama heart feel any better. I am frustrated with the way the boys talk to and about each other.  The one thing that brings me some comfort is that … [Read more...]

Flesh and Blood and Tears

It was a burnt bridge.  Charred by the chasm of bitterness, hatred and anger that had simmered for years. "Good" reasons to maintain my unforgiving heart. I had been let down, hurt, abused, disappointed, neglected, abandoned and wounded by this person.  This person that was supposed to protect me from all those things. My dad. For thirteen {count them, thirteen!} years, I let the coals of that burnt bridge remain red hot with the seething anger and grief.  I fed the flames by recounting the wrongs and justifying my disdain. I was also afraid.  If I forgave him, did that mean I had to work towards a restored relationship?  If I wanted to rebuild a relationship, there would be people that would not be supportive.  He had hurt more than just me. 10/14/08: The experience of almost dying … [Read more...]

Sibling Rivalry

We all know that kids fight, particularly brothers and sisters.  Although, I don't remember fighting with my siblings {when we were fortunate enough to live together} near as much as my boys argue {and nit pick and antagonize, etc}.  Is it just me or has sibling rivalry gotten worse over the years? As always, please link up your posts about parenting teens/tweens below: … [Read more...]

Modern Day Miracle

Who would have thought that a rickety roller coaster and a sweltering day at a cheesy quaint amusement park could bridge huge holes of the heart? God. Who would have thought that the day would be full of smiles and fun, rather than anxiety and angst? God. Who would have thought that racing go-karts together (see daddy way there in the back, ha!) would be freeing in so many ways? God. Who knew that this mama's heart would behold {all} her children reunited on this side of heaven? God. Saturday was a very special day for our family.  It was the first time we had all been together, the five of us, in the same place at the same time in THREE years! God gave me a gift that I had given up on a long time ago.  And I have been unwrapping it ever since! {If you haven't been here … [Read more...]

Joining the M.O.B

I am married (to a guy). I have three brothers. My husband has two brothers. My brothers each have a son. I have three boys. I am swimming in a world of testosterone.  And, to be honest, I think God sits up in heaven and chuckles at me. You see, I am a girly girl.  I have always liked dresses, shoes, manicures and pink and purple are my favorite colors.  I loathe getting my hands dirty.  I don't understand the hilarity of flatulence.  I cannot relate to the desire to wrestle on the floor until somone yells "uncle". Yet, God has surrounded me by boys.  And, now they are adolescent boys.  Whole.different.ballgame. people! So, I have agreed to write about my expertise experiences in raising three rowdy boys for the new site- the M.O.B Society.  There are over 20 contributing writers … [Read more...]

Think on these things

As our children get older, it is important to place decision making in their hands more and more.  Where better for them to make mistakes or missteps then under the umbrella of our authority and guidance? While it is easier said than done for this mama to relinquish control (hello?  I am a recovering Type A) it is imperative for their growth so I am committed to doing so.  An opportunity to do so presented itself this week and it developed into a great learning opportunity for both of my boys. Picture two teen/tween boys standing at the Blockbuster Express kiosk, being allowed to rent any movie they want on their day off school.  They chose a movie that was, to me, going to have questionable content.  They even gave me those sideways glances to make sure I was aware that they were … [Read more...]

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