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Worth the Read {volume 9}


worth the readIt’s been a good week here at Casa Smallwood.  Work is becoming {a tad} more manageable.  My younger boys got their impressive interim reports. I’ve lost 6.8 lbs as I am embracing a healthier lifestyle {with the help of a fabulous health coach I will introduce you to soon}.  Just good stuff.

And, there is good stuff on the internet this week as well. Here are some posts and articles I enjoyed reading:

  • Me and God, a post by Kelle Hampton at Enjoying the Small Things blog.  I had a similar church experience growing up and it took me a long time to trust God after that.  I know many struggle with reconciling the God of their past with the God they’ve come to know later in life. I look forward to reading more of her journey.
  • I love Holley Gerth. When she writes it is like she is talking just to me.  Isn’t it neat how God can use someone’s words like that?  I pray He does the same with mine.  She wrote this as a guest post on Ann Voskamp’s blog and it is just what this recovering Type-A mama needed to read.
  • What an amazing idea!  The God Box.  Go check it out and if you make one I would love to see a picture!
  • I am preparing to write a 31 days series in October, joining thousands of other bloggers inspired by The Nester.  Here she has a great post of tips for embarking on this endeavor.
  • I enjoyed this perspective on adoption.
  • And, last but not least, please check out this book about controlling your emotions. It is written by a sweet friend and I found myself nodding and taking notes as I was reading it.  There’s a saying that goes something like “It’s not what happens to you, it’s how you deal with it that makes the difference”.  That, my friends, is truth and Brooke’s book can help make the difference in whether you let your emotions control you or you control your emotions.

Have you read anything good this week?

Is There Such a Thing as a Good Fight?

Mike and I didn’t fight well in the first several years of our marriage.  We were both the oldest child in our respective families.  Combined with the overwhelming need to be right and coming from dysfunctional households, our arguments tended to get nasty very quickly. I was the main culprit with a cruel tongue and,Continue Reading

Dear God Sized Dreamer

You.  Yes, you. I am writing these words to you. You who works endless hours at a job you don’t feel called to because your family needs the income. You who stays up late and gets up early to create time to practice your craft. You that doesn’t speak of your dream out loud for fear others willContinue Reading

For your desperate mama moments

Three kids six and under and a mama all with the chicken pox.  It is NOT my fondest mama memory.  Oatmeal baths and whining {mostly from me} and calamine lotion and whining and scratching and reminding not to scratch.  The worst was being cooped up in the house for a week. There was a knockContinue Reading

My Friend is a Big Loser

{Tomorrow, I will be sharing my One Word for 2013 with you and that will make this post even more relevant!} My friend, Jessica Heights, is sweet.  People use that word to describe others often but I really mean it. You look up sweet in the dictionary and there is a picture of this girl. Continue Reading

He Heard Hannah~ A True Story by a Dear Friend

UPDATED:  The two winners of a copy of He Heard Hannah are Jamie R. and Carla Raley.  Please email me your mailing address to  If I do not hear from the winners in 48 hours, another will be chosen.  Thank you all for entering and be sure to buy the book, it is wellContinue Reading

More exciting things!!

I promise I will return tomorrow with a content rich post but today I needed to stop by and quickly share a few more exciting things with y’all. {Did you see the exciting things from yesterday?} First of all, I am excited to be contributing to a wonderful community called The Intentional Lifestyle.  The siteContinue Reading

Living Faith, Dead Faith

Last week, in James chapter 1 we discovered three things that define a religion {faith walk} that is acceptable to God. keeping a tight rein on our tongue {James 1:26} caring for widows and orphans {the needy} in their distress {James 1:27a} keeping ourselves from being polluted by the world  {James 1:27b} Now for chapterContinue Reading

My first eBook is finally here!

Yesterday was the launch day for my eBook, Cutting Through Money Clutter: A Guide to Managing your God-given Resources!  What a blessing to put this Bible study in the hands of others. I consider it such a privilege to write the words God lays on my heart through His Word. Of course, I want toContinue Reading

A few of my favorite things

Playing a little catch up here for Toni’s challenge: Favorite TV shows…hmmmm. Truth be told, before my knee injury in March and subsequent surgery in July, I don’t often get control of the remote in this house.  With mostly testosterone flowing in casa de Smallwood, our TV is mostly on the History channel, Animal PlanetContinue Reading