Worth the Read {volume 9}

  It's been a good week here at Casa Smallwood.  Work is becoming {a tad} more manageable.  My younger boys got their impressive interim reports. I've lost 6.8 lbs as I am embracing a healthier lifestyle {with the help of a fabulous health coach I will introduce you to soon}.  Just good stuff. And, there is good stuff on the internet this week as well. Here are some posts and articles I enjoyed reading: Me and God, a post by Kelle Hampton at Enjoying the Small Things blog.  I had a similar church experience growing up and it took me a long time to trust God after that.  I know many struggle with reconciling the God of their past with the God they've come to know later in life. I look forward to reading more of her journey. I love Holley Gerth. When she writes it is like … [Read more...]

Is There Such a Thing as a Good Fight?

Mike and I didn't fight well in the first several years of our marriage.  We were both the oldest child in our respective families.  Combined with the overwhelming need to be right and coming from dysfunctional households, our arguments tended to get nasty very quickly. I was the main culprit with a cruel tongue and, at times, a vindictive nature. When he and I both look back on those days we are amazed that we are still together.  In July we will celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary!  Praise the Lord. Marriage counseling helped us tremendously.  We learned how to fight.  We were not taught NOT to fight.  Let's face it- living with someone 24-7, 365 days a year is not possible without some friction.  We were taught HOW to fight.  How to express our differences of opinion, our … [Read more...]

Dear God Sized Dreamer

You.  Yes, you. I am writing these words to you. You who works endless hours at a job you don't feel called to because your family needs the income. You who stays up late and gets up early to create time to practice your craft. You that doesn't speak of your dream out loud for fear others will think you are silly...or prideful...or crazy. You who have watched door after door close on your dream and you have started to wonder if you heard God wrong. Don't give up on your dream. God placed it on your heart for a reason and He will be faithful to bring it to fruition in His timing. As my friend, Holley, says in her new book, You're Made for a God Sized Dream: Opening the door to all God has for you, "You don't have to be ready. Conditions don't have to be perfect. … [Read more...]

For your desperate mama moments

Three kids six and under and a mama all with the chicken pox.  It is NOT my fondest mama memory.  Oatmeal baths and whining {mostly from me} and calamine lotion and whining and scratching and reminding not to scratch.  The worst was being cooped up in the house for a week. There was a knock at my door, thirteen years ago, when I was speckled with calamine lotion and red-eyed from crying the "why-me's".  A sweet friend from our playgroup had dropped off all the chicken pox and stuck-in-the-house supplies a girl could ask for.  Board games, library books, Aveeno cream...you name it, she brought it. She left it on my porch with a sweet, encouraging note. Suddenly I didn't feel as desperate anymore.  I knew I wasn't alone, no matter how alone I felt in that moment.   Moments … [Read more...]

My Friend is a Big Loser

{Tomorrow, I will be sharing my One Word for 2013 with you and that will make this post even more relevant!} My friend, Jessica Heights, is sweet.  People use that word to describe others often but I really mean it. You look up sweet in the dictionary and there is a picture of this girl.  She is a mama to four, a wife, a writer {who blogs here}, co-host of Allume {the largest Christian blogging/social media conference} and has managed to find the time in all that to write an e-book that is going to encourage and inspire lots of women, this woman included. The 100 pound loser is a quick and simple read, that provides inspiration, encouragement and practical tips for those of us looking to lose weight and live healthier in 2013 {or any year for that matter}.  In her conversational … [Read more...]

He Heard Hannah~ A True Story by a Dear Friend

UPDATED:  The two winners of a copy of He Heard Hannah are Jamie R. and Carla Raley.  Please email me your mailing address to kmelissasmallwood@gmail.com.  If I do not hear from the winners in 48 hours, another will be chosen.  Thank you all for entering and be sure to buy the book, it is well worth it! I have been blogging since 2008.  God has blessed me by crossing my path with some truly incredible women {her, her, her, her, her, her, her, her and many, many more!}.  One of those special ladies turned in-real-life friend is Lynnette Kraft.  We had the pleasure of meeting in person in October of 2010 after I stalked followed her blog for quite a while.  She is a contributor to my site for moms of teens/tweens and an all around inspiring person.   One of the things I most admire … [Read more...]

More exciting things!!

I promise I will return tomorrow with a content rich post but today I needed to stop by and quickly share a few more exciting things with y'all. {Did you see the exciting things from yesterday?} First of all, I am excited to be contributing to a wonderful community called The Intentional Lifestyle.  The site is chock full of resources, ideas and support to live a healthy life, in all aspects of your life.  I am the Healthy Home "Expert" over there and my first vlog, talking about the four things that clutter steals from you, is live today.  I am humbled and thrilled to be in the company of such a talented team! Please go check it out! Secondly, I contributed to a brand new eBook called From Mom's Failure to God's Grace: Stories of Raising Boys from the MOB Society Writers.  All the … [Read more...]

Living Faith, Dead Faith

Last week, in James chapter 1 we discovered three things that define a religion {faith walk} that is acceptable to God. keeping a tight rein on our tongue {James 1:26} caring for widows and orphans {the needy} in their distress {James 1:27a} keeping ourselves from being polluted by the world  {James 1:27b} Now for chapter 2. If I lived in Florida I would grow a grapefruit tree in my backyard.  I love grapefruit.  I would tend to the tree {however one tends to a grapefruit tree} and as a result I would expect the grapefruit tree to product luscious grapefruits that I could eat for breakfast and juice for whenever. Because grapefruit trees are designed to bear grapefruit. Likewise, I am a tree planted by the Living Water, expected to produce fruit in due season {Psalm 1:3} The … [Read more...]

My first eBook is finally here!

Yesterday was the launch day for my eBook, Cutting Through Money Clutter: A Guide to Managing your God-given Resources!  What a blessing to put this Bible study in the hands of others. I consider it such a privilege to write the words God lays on my heart through His Word. Of course, I want to giveaway a few copies here on this old blog so please leave a comment with your biggest financial challenge and a two winners will be drawn tomorrow (Tuesday, August 30) morning at 10am via random.org. You can learn more about the eBook at the website, www.nomoneyclutter.com, of Facebook or follow me on Twitter with the hashtag #nomoneyclutter. You can order the book for just $1.99 for your NOOK, Kindle or as a .pdf. I covet your feedback {good and bad}! and the counting of gifts continues: ~ … [Read more...]

A few of my favorite things

Playing a little catch up here for Toni's challenge: Favorite TV shows...hmmmm. Truth be told, before my knee injury in March and subsequent surgery in July, I don't often get control of the remote in this house.  With mostly testosterone flowing in casa de Smallwood, our TV is mostly on the History channel, Animal Planet and National Geographic. Mostly the History channel. When I get a turn, I like to engage in other people's lives by watching reality TV {The Bachelor, Dancing with the Stars, etc}.  It is like watching a social experiment to me!  I also love almost anything on HGTV.  Since I used to own a professional organizing business and would still do the work if my body would cooperate, I watch Hoarders.  It makes me sad to see people controlled by stuff. I am a full time … [Read more...]

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