31 Days to Living Well with Chronic Illness- An Introduction

Hi friends! Every year when I join the blogging community in committing to write on one topic every day for 31 days I question my sanity.  And, I say I will never participate again.  And, every year I develop some type of writers amnesia and when God lays a new topic on my heart, I once again decide to tap out my heart each day in October.  This year I am writing about a topic I personally deal with every day but don't often talk about- living with chronic illness. I was diagnosed with systemic lupus in 2009 }after being misdiagnosed in 2008 with multiple sclerosis}and have several related medical issues including a blood clotting disorder, IC, IBS and the like. You can read more about my journey with chronic illness here, here and here {you can also search the topic in the top right … [Read more...]

Oh, the places I’d go

{participating in Toni's 30 days about me challenge} Day 14: Somewhere you'd love to travel I love {with a capital L} to travel! And the place I would like to visit most is......Greece. The reasons: The scenery. The culture and history.  To see with my own eyes the main cities and the smaller areas, like Philippi and Thessaloniki, would be amazing.  Retracing the Apostle Paul's footsteps would be humbling and amazing. Not to mention, the medieval history that abounds in that area.  I would need several weeks to explore {in a perfect world of course}. The food.  Oh my word, the food! I can't even imagine how many varieties of olives there are there.  I love Greek food! As you can see, I would love to travel to Greece. Other places on my travel short list are: Italy Prince … [Read more...]

He is my impact

{This is the 13th prompt for Toni's 30 Days about Me challenge} Day 13~ Someone or something that has made an impact in your life: First and foremost, Jesus Christ has had the biggest impact of anything or anyone in my life.  He is the reason I am here.  Please read my story and join me in praising Him for all He has done and continues to do. There are many pivotal moments I could point to in my life and people that played important roles in shaping who I am that I could tell you about. But, it really all comes back to Jesus.  He has blessed me with the good in my life, has redeemed the mistakes I have made, He has healed the wounds of my past and He continues to complete a good work in me. Three times I pleaded with the Lord to take it away from me.  But he said to me, “My grace is … [Read more...]

Playing catch up

Will someone remind me never to sign up for a 30 day meme again?  It makes me feel completely inadequate when I miss a day and have to play catch-up.  Maybe it's good for the recovering perfectionist in me. Day 9: Something that makes my life easier There are many things but I want to share a website with y'all that has been a life saver for me and my family these last few months.  It is called Takethemameal.com.  While I have been recuperating from all these surgeries, friends and church members could sign up to bring us a meal.  The site would send me an email to let me know who to expect and what they were bringing. It was a true God send! {and I appreciate each and every person that took the time to cook for our family more than they will ever know} Day 10: A photo of then and … [Read more...]

Things I treasure, things I hate

{I am again playing catch-up for Toni's 30 day challenge.  This post covers days 5-8} Day 5: My Favorite Quote Live well, laugh often, love much. ~ Author Unknown This quote is very popular but has deep meaning for me. It is my personal mission statement.  I want to live well...through a healthy lifestyle, through expressing myself in written word, through being the best parent and wife I can be all while following hard after Jesus.  I want to laugh often...because it is better for me than sorrow, because it is medicine for the heart and soul, because I love the sound of laughter.  I want to love much...those that need to be loved, those that love me, those that don't, those that need to hear the Good News and especially love on the ones God has put in my family, as wife, mother, sister … [Read more...]

A few of my favorite things

Playing a little catch up here for Toni's challenge: Favorite TV shows...hmmmm. Truth be told, before my knee injury in March and subsequent surgery in July, I don't often get control of the remote in this house.  With mostly testosterone flowing in casa de Smallwood, our TV is mostly on the History channel, Animal Planet and National Geographic. Mostly the History channel. When I get a turn, I like to engage in other people's lives by watching reality TV {The Bachelor, Dancing with the Stars, etc}.  It is like watching a social experiment to me!  I also love almost anything on HGTV.  Since I used to own a professional organizing business and would still do the work if my body would cooperate, I watch Hoarders.  It makes me sad to see people controlled by stuff. I am a full time … [Read more...]

My Favorite Movie(s)

I have never considered myself indecisive. When I looked at this prompt {part of Toni's 30 Day challenge} to share my favorite movie with you, the answer came to my mind immediately. Fried Green Tomatoes All-time-favorite-could-watch-it-several-times-in-a-row-favorite-movie. And, I was all set to hit publish on this post and call it a day. Then, I started thinking of other movies that I love and wanted to share them with you too... ~Anne of Green Gables {this is my favorite fiction book, by the way} ~Thoroughly Modern Millie {an old musical starring Julie Andrews} and in case you think I never watch current movies.... ~Soul Surfer really touched my heart in the theaters this year. Did I mention I love Shrek?  And Rio? I better stop. There you have it, my favorite movie(s). What … [Read more...]

UBP 11- Multitasking Mama Style

Welcome to my neck of the blogging woods!  I am participating in the UBP '11 for those of you here for that and for those that aren't, you can click on the button below to learn more about it. My name is Melissa Smallwood, a.k.a Multitasking Mama.  Not that I advocate multi-tasking, just that I am in that life stage right now.  Married for almost fourteen years to a handsome and wonderful man, Mike: We were married when I was eighteen so we have literally grown up together.  Circumstances and experiences have brought us closer together rather than tearing us apart, thanks to the God we strive to keep at the center of our home. We have three sons: Jason turned eighteen on Wednesday.  Being his mama has been a journey you can read more about here .  Suffice it to say, I believe that … [Read more...]

Introducing: Me

Well, hello there! I am Melissa, aka Multi Tasking Mama. That is me (with the glasses) and my friend, Jessie, meeting MckMama at Blissdom. (she is so sweet and genuine in person!! just like on her blog) I have been blogging since June '08.  Blogging has been such a blessing in my life.  It combines my passion for writing and sharing my testimony with the benefit of being part of an awesome community, which is what this Ultimate Blog Party is all about! I am the mama to three teen/tween boys and wife to an incredibly patient guy.  If you stick around this site you will hear a lot about the nightmare challenges that parenting adolescents can present.  In fact, I started to just devote one day a week to it and you can link up to Teen/Tween Thursday here. Matt (12), Mike and Jared … [Read more...]

Welcome to the Party!!

I am excited to be participating in the Ultimate Blog Party 2009 sponsored by 5 Minutes for Mom..Woot! I am so excited to go around and visit new bloggers (in fact I am dedicating my day minus grocery shopping (yuck) to doing just that! Here are three of the blogs I intend to visit because they have some awesome giveaways going on:I would love to have the aromatherapy set (#11) being given away by Oils for Wellness.My next choice is a $25 gift card to M Jennings Design to go towards the purchase of a custom mother's bracelet!! (This is #81 on the list)And, my other choice is #85- a gorgeous homemade pillow by the owner of Beautiful2God (don't you just love her title?) (This is #85 on the list)Multi-tasking Mama (that's me for those of you that are new) is giving away two $25 gift … [Read more...]

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