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31 Days to Living Well with Chronic Illness- An Introduction

Hi friends!

Every year when I join the blogging community in committing to write on one topic every day for 31 days I question my sanity.  And, I say I will never participate again.  And, every year I develop some type of writers amnesia and when God lays a new topic on my heart, I once again decide to tap out my heart each day in October.  This year I am writing about a topic I personally deal with every day but don’t often talk about- living with chronic illness. I was diagnosed with systemic lupus in 2009 }after being misdiagnosed in 2008 with multiple sclerosis}and have several related medical issues including a blood clotting disorder, IC, IBS and the like. You can read more about my journey with chronic illness here, here and here {you can also search the topic in the top right hand corner of the blog and see all the posts I’ve written on the topic over the years}.


Over the next month we will talk about many aspects of chronic illness, all with the goal of understanding how crucial it is to maintain your faith and a positive outlook in your day to day battle with pain and fatigue.  We will talk about the often very long, very frustrating path to a diagnosis, the stages of grief when you are diagnosed with a chronic illness {as well as relief that the medical professionals have finally figured out what is causing your symptoms} and then we will focus on concrete, practical ways to live your best life and not let your illness define the way you live your days on this earth.

I don’t talk about this topic often but I am excited to delve into it this month and share my strategy for living chronically well!

See you tomorrow!

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