Short end of the stick

Apparently Tuesdays are turning into basketball inspired posts. (Well, this is sorta related, just stay with me here) My kids are SHORT. I don't understand the problem. My hubby is 6'2" and I'm average 5'5". Jared is 4'9", which doesn't sound bad for a 12 1/2 year old until you put him in a middle school basketball team and there are children (who really must not be children, they have to be adults that have just failed 7th grade 6 or 7 times) that are a full foot or more taller than him. Are these kids on steroids? miracle grow? do you sprinkle some special powder in their Wheaties? If you do, please tell me where to get it so my poor child is not jumping up and down trying to play defense against these giants (which he does really well, I must add).Matt is no taller, in fact he … [Read more...]

Bench Warming

Well, Jared was a starter in the game last night and his team won their first game! 22-18, he scored 6 points. I am a proud mama. But, at the same time, it was bittersweet. I realized that this is not rec league anymore. When the coach told us at Parent night that kids were not guaranteed play time, he apparently meant it. There were several guys who warmed the bench the entire game. I felt bad for them and for their parents. I would be irritated if I had come to the game (after bringing my kid to practice six days a week) and they don't even get off the bench. And I felt that it might be demoralizing for the kids. I hated it.But, my wise hubby reminded me that everyone was aware of the policy before the season started. Those kids tried out anyway and it is only the first game. … [Read more...]

Mama to a future NBA star…

in his dreams! But Jared did make it through an entire week of tryouts for the 7th grade basketball team and made the first cut from 24 kids to 18 and the LAST cut from 18 to 12. The boy made the team! He is officially a Spring Mills Patriot and nearly bursting with pride (and relief) at his accomplishment.And, a huge part of me is cheering him on and proud as pie of him. But, the other, perhaps more selfish and tired part of me, got the practice and game schedule for the next three months and secretly wished he hadn't made the daggone team :-) They practice 6 (and yes, they are only twelve year olds) days a week, including 8am on Saturday mornings- ahhhhhhh! Hubby and I are going to flip for which one of us is taking him to that one! And the game schedule (which we must transport … [Read more...]

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