One of my favorite titles

As many of you know, I write monthly for The M.O.B Society, a site for moms of boys written by moms of boys. They are hosting a boy mom bloghop this week and I wanted to participate {I look forward to finding some new boy mama's to tweet with and read}. Parenting is one of the greatest joys {and challenges} of my life. And, parenting boys is such a privilege.  Raising men, future husbands and fathers, is a responsibility and an honor.  God has blessed me with three boys {and a daughter}. Allow me to introduce you to my guys: This is Jason, or "J" as I call him.  He turned 19 in March, a week and a half after he graduated as a military police officer for the Army National Guard.  J is a handsome, stubborn, shy young man who unabashedly loves his mama.  He never forgets my birthday, is … [Read more...]

Desperate for love

I stumbled across Reece's Rainbow several years ago and have been a staunch supporter of their cause ever since.  Reece's Rainbow advocates for children with special needs, specifically Down Syndrome, in other countries that are in need of forever families.  Selfishly, I want to bring little Lianne or Megan or Tara home and love on them forever.  These precious little ones deserve a lifetime of love and kisses from a mama and daddy that love them to make up for the time they have spent in cribs, simply because they were born with an extra chromosome. Today, several bloggers are advocating for the 63 waiting children on Reece's Rainbow that have been listed on the site the longest.  Those needing a family so desperately, yet are passed over again and again. I am pleased to introduce you … [Read more...]

Favorite Bible Promises

I am busy with a new writing project {never has God laid something on my heart as clear as what I am working on right now and I can't wait to share it with y'all! Pray for me, please}. When I am working on a specific project, I go through my old journals and prayer books for inspiration and ideas.  While I was doing that I found some favorite promises God makes in the Bible {I call them promises because His Word does not return void (Isaiah 55:11) and I take Him at His Word}.  I don't want to neglect the blog while I am working on this new project so I decided to share these Scriptures with you, in the hopes that they will speak fresh into your life as well. The first promise that I hold to, especially in dark and trying times, comes from the book of Isaiah as well.  Isaiah 43:2 to be … [Read more...]

Motherhood led me back to Jesus

Mother's Day is the best day to wrap up my series on giving up on God.  Click to read part one and part two. The bitterness and apathy that had taken up residence in my heart materialized in ugly ways.  Drugs, promiscuity, callous behavior towards those that loved me the most...the saying "hurt people hurt people" couldn't be more true. And, then at sixteen, two lines appeared on the pregnancy test.                        photo credit I was alone in a cramped bathroom stall scared beyond anything I had experienced before. There was life growing inside of me. At first I pretended not to care.  I would fix the problem.  Have an abortion, pretend that this had never happened. When I look at my Jared and think that I thought of him as a problem or a mistake, my heart beats … [Read more...]

That’s What Love is for

I braid the rope together. It may seem like a peculiar birthday gift but to an 11 year old with down syndrome it will be well received. "string" as he knows it brings comfort and calm to a world that is often overstimulating and overwhelming. Lupus shoots fiery darts of inflammation and pain into the joints of my hands as I braid, but I don't stop. Love hurts sometimes and this is a gift infused with love. This special little guy is the brother to my daughter. Only God, through His Love, could bring me the daughter I prayed for AND provide a sweet boy with a special chromosome for me to love too. {You know if you have spent any time here before that children with special needs have their own place in my heart} God injects unexpected joys into our lives, if we are open to seeing … [Read more...]

A Pat on the Back

We have a special family. Knitted together by God. Shayla became ours when she was 18 and blessed us with the gift of having Sweet Pea in our lives {she is a rowdy and adorable 15 month old right now} Jason was Mike's son from his first marriage but because of abuse and neglect came to live with us in 1999 when he was six years old and I adopted him in 2000. I was pregnant with Jared when Mike and I met.  He was in the delivery room when Jared was born and legally adopted him. Matt was unplanned {never take birth control and antibiotics at the same time} and is the only one that has both my and Mike's blood running through his veins {which we frequently use as the excuse for his stubborn personality} I tell you all of this because I truly believe what the Bible says in Psalm 68:6, … [Read more...]

The least of these

I have much to write about and tell you. Yet, when I sit here all I can think about are the 143 million+ orphans around the world that need forever families.  The over 1/2 million kids in the US foster care system that need their families loved on and repaired.  The over 100,000 that can't go back home and need new families to step up and love them, despite their tough exteriors.  The teen mom's that I serve on a daily basis that need mentors to help them become the best mothers they can be.  The medically fragile children that lay dying in orphanages. The children that go to bed hungry in our country and abroad.  The 30,000 kids that die every day of preventable, treatable illnesses. My heart bleeds.  My eyes leak. The Bible makes it very clear that these children are precious to the … [Read more...]

31 Days to a Clean Heart check-in

Thank you for grace, friends. I have not posted every day {didn't I predict that would happen?} I still have much to say on this topic!  We will continue next week with more obstacles to a clean heart and finish up the month with action steps. But, this weekend, the frenetic pace of life MUST slow down and allow me some time with this sweet girl {whom I haven't seen in two weeks}     Pray that we will have safe travels {5 hours each way in the car with a teething Sweet Pea} and that we will make the most of the short visit. I will be back Monday to resume the series. You can read from the beginning here: Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6/Day 7 Day 8 Day 9 Day 10 Day 12     … [Read more...]

A New Name

They were always lined up in a row at the foot of my bed. My babies {or dolls}. I was born with a deep-down need to nurture. Experiences burned a desire to make sure any child in my path knew what it is to be mothered well. It started with my dolls.  I loved Cabbage Patch kids because they were adopted.  They came with a certificate that said they needed me.  I still remember their names.  There was Paula with the cornsilk hair, April had freckles, Noreen that could go in the pool and tub with me and Addie, my first African-American daughter. I say first because a special thing took place for our family on Monday. Miss S. had long ago woven herself into the fabric of our family.  She came to us needing a mama {and a daddy} that she could count on, consistent rules and unconditional … [Read more...]

Things I treasure, things I hate

{I am again playing catch-up for Toni's 30 day challenge.  This post covers days 5-8} Day 5: My Favorite Quote Live well, laugh often, love much. ~ Author Unknown This quote is very popular but has deep meaning for me. It is my personal mission statement.  I want to live well...through a healthy lifestyle, through expressing myself in written word, through being the best parent and wife I can be all while following hard after Jesus.  I want to laugh often...because it is better for me than sorrow, because it is medicine for the heart and soul, because I love the sound of laughter.  I want to love much...those that need to be loved, those that love me, those that don't, those that need to hear the Good News and especially love on the ones God has put in my family, as wife, mother, sister … [Read more...]

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