Praying for our kids

A fellow blogger, Angie Smith, has started a beautiful concept of praying for our kids every day! Not that I don’t pray for my kids, but this is promoting a more conscious, concerted effort to pray Scripture over your children each day. I love this idea and Angie provides several scriptures to get you started on her blog. As I was praying for my boys today, my mind fell to President Elect Barack Obama’s children. Regardless of whether you voted for him or not, those sweet little girls lives are about to drastically change. No matter how their parents have prepared them for the scrutiny and privilege they are going to encounter living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, they aren’t going to “get it” until they arrive and experience it for themselves. So, as I am praying for my special guys … [Read more...]

Thankful Thursday

Today is Thankful Thursday and today we are supposed to list random things we are thankful for. So, I am going to do a week in review and give thanks to God for all the “God stops” as Beth Moore would call them, that I have had this week.Friday: Even though I may not have liked the news at the doctor’s appointment, God was there to remind me that He is in control. I am so thankful that I do not have to be subject to a spirit of fear and dread, but am filled with the peace of the Holy Spirit!Saturday: Thankful for time alone with my hubby- we had a date! Thankful that after our date we went grocery shopping as a family. Thankful that God provides for all our needs!Sunday: Thankful for the fellowship with other believers and Pastor Ed’s sermon that spoke right to my heart!Monday: … [Read more...]

My Election Day Post

I have a guest blogger today: my eleven year old, Matt. This is the child, from my previous post, in which I feared he was turning into a McCain supporter on me. I encouraged him to get online and research where each candidate stood on the issues and apparently teachers encouraged the same thing. The following is an essay he wrote for his social studies class. He got an “a” by the way, which surprised me- we do live in West Virginia I thought we could all use a smile today and no matter which candidate you support- Matt’s opinions will make you smile! And the indented lines are where mama couldn’t keep quiet and just had to comment on his opinions Barack Obama is the best candidate for the President of the United States of America. You should vote for Barack Obama this election day … [Read more...]

Burst my Bubble

Can I just say parenting isn’t easy? Can I get an amen on that one? They make look sweet and innocent but when the adolescent aliens come to invade their once sweet and loving demeanors and leave in their place eye-rolling, back-talking, argumentative tweens- life is just not the same.We have been fighting the “I need a cell phone” battle with our twelve year for over a year now. He believes (passionately I might add) that he NEEDS a cell phone. Hubby and I believe (just as passionately I might add) that he does not. When you are twelve years old and never at a gathering without an adult I just don’t see the need. Coupled with the fact that a twelve year old (at least my twelve year old) is constantly searching for his basketball uniform, permission slip for a field trip, etc., a … [Read more...]

Holy Rest

Rest is holy. That is a difficult concept at times for this multi-tasking mama! Most of my life I thought that my worth and value was directly related to my contribution to the world- be it through my performance as a mom, a wife, a friend, an employee, a volunteer, a daughter, granddaughter, sister, and you can insert any other role here that I have played and forgotten about…and it wasn’t until my illness and subsequent inability (at different points since my diagnosis) to do any of those things that God has taught me the meaning of my true worth. We are valuable simply because we were worth dying for. We are valuable simply because God loves us and chose us as His own. It is not my job to be valuable or to set out on a quest to become more valuable. It is simply my job to accept … [Read more...]

Crazy or Ambitious?

I am participating in NaBloPoMo for all of November, meaning that I am committing to post something on here every day this month. Even typing that makes me feel insane because it is November- one of the busiest months of the year- but, hey- when have I ever stayed away from a challenge? Beside’s if it doesn’t go well, I am going to blame Monica at Paper Bridges for talking me into it (just kidding).Anyway, I am also participating in Jessica Know’s 15 days of lessons on how to market your business and make nice with the PR world. I am doing that to help my professional organizing website/brand and am really excited to learn from her- I have even already done my homework for the day So, dear readers, you will be hearing a lot from me this month. Join in the fun if you have a blog or … [Read more...]

Frugal Friday- Cutting Back

My husband is a saver and therefore we have been living frugally for our entire marriage. We shy away from credit card debt and don’t buy new furniture, appliances, etc unless we have the cash to do so. That can be frustrating (to me, not Mike) sometimes when I want something (to go visit my family in Florida, buy a new couch, etc) but we really don’t have the money to do it. But, in the grand scheme of things following my husband’s lead on our finances has really been a blessing to our family over the years. We have never not been able to purchase something we needed, we drive nice cars (until they sputter and die LOL), we have taken fun family vacations and we don’t live paycheck to paycheck.But, with the current economy, coupled with the fact that due to my illness I left corporate … [Read more...]

Thankful Thursday

This week’s theme for Thankful Thursday is our five senses. How fun to think of the ways that I am thankful for my senses. We can take them for granted. In March I had optic neuritis in my left eye and couldn’t see very well at all. When (after IV steroids, followed by oral steroids and God’s healing hand on me) I regained my sight I was so thankful. And that experience has made me much more sensitive to appreciating the use of all my senses! I am going to apply this to my week (as much as I can)1. I am thankful for my sight. In addition to the reasons above, I love autumn! I enjoy being able to see the leaves change and fall from the trees. I am thankful I can see to read all the wonderful and encouraging posts of my blogger friends. I am thankful I can see to watch my kids … [Read more...]

So Different, Yet Friends

One is blond, the other has jet dark hair. One has braces, the other glasses. One is athletic, the other looks for ways to avoid physical activity. One is shy, the other outspoken. One is popular, the other doesn’t want to be popular. One is organized, the other is disheveled. Yet, they are friends.Have you ever wondered how you can give birth to two humans (only 16 months apart from each other) and they can be so completely different? Jared is going out for the basketball team and has played some type of organized sport since he was in kindergarten. Matt just joined the chess club and for the first Halloween in five years, he is going to be something other than Darth Vader (he is going to be Yoda).Jared is an overachiever. He is upset if he gets a grade below an “A” (I have no … [Read more...]

No Fear?

Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his (her) life? Matthew 6:27I really had my heart set on going to the hematologist (fancy word for blood specialist) and being told why I developed and almost died from a blood clot, where the blood clot came from, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, how to avoid developing another such blood clot. Doesn’t seem like too much to ask, right?—First of all, I must digress from the main point of my post (stay tuned though- it is profound). Who grows up saying “When I grow up I am going to be a blood doctor?”. Are you part Dracula or something? Gross~ but then again there are people that grow up to be proctologists, urologists, gynecologists, podiatrists and psychiatrists. Who am I to judge? I couldn’t even stomach being a dentist- yuck! Don’t get me … [Read more...]

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