Melissa Smallwood has a passion to help parents who are in the trenches of raising kids with a trauma history.  As the mom of seven kids, five who are adopted and most of whom spent time in foster care, Melissa is familiar with the challenges these families can face. Her personal passion, combined with personal experience as a former foster youth, an educational and professional counseling background and a heart for every child to have a forever family, Melissa is uniquely qualified to coach foster and adoptive families through any struggles they may be experiencing.

As the head coach at Mending Hearts Coaching, Melissa helps clients identify the short and long term goals they have for their struggling child and for their entire family. She then helps them develop strategies and plans to implement those strategies in order to bring hope and healing to families who feel overwhelmed and alone.

Melissa and her husband, Mike, have seven kids ranging from the age of 27-14 and five precious grandbabies. They live in wild and wonderful WV and are currently in the process of renovating a river house. In addition to her passion for families, Melissa also feels quite passionate about coffee, HGTV, mangoes and Jesus (although not in that order).

In addition to coaching foster and adoptive families, Melissa keeps busy with her day job as a counselor, teaching PRIDE classes to potential foster parents, writing, speaking and providing people a platform to own the power of their stories on her podcast, SOS with Melissa Smallwood.

You can contact Melissa via email at kmelissasmallwood@gmail.com if you have a specific question, prayer request or need.  You can also find her on Twitter , Facebook, Instagram (a lot) and Pinterest.  Visit her speaking/teaching page for details about seminars and workshops she provides, Bible studies she has written as well as other aspects of her online ministry for foster/adoptive moms.

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